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  • USWE XC Hydration Pack

    USWE XC Hydration Pack

    roscoe in IN

    Works great and super comfortable

    I decided to try the USWE brand packs after 20 plus years of the dromedary brand and couldn't be happier. I had always had issues with the shoulder straps cutting and causing bruises and a sore back plus messing with waist and chest straps are a pain taking on and off. The USWE pack spreads the load out much more evenly and takes much of the weight off the tops of my shoulders, the single buckle is easy to work even with gloves on and the elastic of the straps makes it more forgiving to put on especially over body armor and jackets. The only tiny dislikes are not having a shutoff valve on the mouthpiece but otherwise perfect. The bladder is much easier to open, close and clean as the entire top opens to access the inside. I will be buying a large volume for back country moto and MTB rides soon!

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  • USWE A4 Challenger Hydration Pack

    USWE A4 Challenger Hydration Pack

    EDWIN in CO

    Great pack

    great pack for all day ride when combined with a fanny pack and small enough to not be annoying on a shorter ride. fits great over my fox air frame chest protector. bladder is easy to clean and the fill system design is really cool. Worth the money

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  • USWE GP Helmet Handsfree Kit

    USWE GP Helmet Handsfree Kit

    JASON in PA

    Simple, yet effective

    Very easy to connect/disconnect

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  • USWE Refill Bladders - 5 Pack

    USWE Refill Bladders - 5 Pack

    luis fausto in TMS

    best brad

    the best hydration bag

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  • USWE F3 Pro Hydration Pack

    USWE F3 Pro Hydration Pack

    keith in AZ

    impressive pack

    i ride/race desert and have used many hydro packs. this is the best design ever. fit and finish is amazing, comfortable and fits very sheer. buckle system is well thought out. dosent bounce when riding, feels like not wearing a pack at all. bladder is amazing design and very user friendly. seals are quality and didnt leak at all. i will buy uswe products from now on.

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