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  • Husqvarna Throttle Cable Protection

    Husqvarna Throttle Cable Protection

    Michael in CA

    I know not shown to fit -but fit my 2004 KTM 950 Adventure perfect. The stock rubber boot was shot.

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  • Husqvarna Rear Shock Pre-Load Adjuster

    Husqvarna Rear Shock Pre-Load Adjuster

    Jon in OR

    PITA to Install. Great After That.

    Why WP shocks don't come from the factory with this instead of their stupid plastic preload rings is beyond me. This makes setting/adjusting sag easy instead of agony. The only downside is the shock has to be taken apart to install the next time your shock is getting a revalve or rebuild, do yourself a huge favor and have this thing thrown on at the same time.

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  • Husqvarna Motorcycle License Plate Frame

    Husqvarna Motorcycle License Plate Frame

    kevin in WA

    FE 501

    Looks great on my FE 501. Want to make sure the people behind me know its a Husky passing

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  • Husqvarna Neoprene Fork Protectors

    Husqvarna Neoprene Fork Protectors

    William in WV

    Husqvarna Fork Protectors

    Have to remove the forks to install correctly without over stretching the material. Fit was perfect and came with included zip ties to hold them in place. Only have one ride out on them and the left one has a hole in it from the fork seal. Fork guard did not rub a whole in it due to the tear was on the back side of the fork. Very bummed out because I bought the Husqvarna Brand ones due to their quality of parts is usually very good, this one however is not what i expect out of one ride.

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  • Husqvarna Factory Oil Filter Cover

    Husqvarna Factory Oil Filter Cover

    Paul in MI

    Husqvarna oil cover

    If want the husky logo worksfits and looks great

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  • Husqvarna / KTM Bleeder Valve Set

    Husqvarna / KTM Bleeder Valve Set

    JAMES in DC


    When shopping this was the best value for the money I could find. You will not be disappointed if you buy and use. I ride hard and tear up stuff, so get stuff well-built and you will be happy.

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