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Blue Magic Motorcycle Accessories: Oil and Chemicals

Blue Magic Motorcycle Accessories: Glue and Adhesive

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  • Blue Magic Quik Aluminum Epoxy

    Blue Magic Quik Aluminum Epoxy

    Aaron in WY

    Life saver in a tube

    This stuff is designed to get you out of a bind. It cures quickly cleans up nicely and should be in your tool kit, great for quick repairs on the trail or in the shop. This stuff isn't fuel proof but it is close you can sand it or drill into it. It could be used on a cracked case, fuel tank etc to limp you home. i've used 5yr old tubes before and they still worked fine.

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  • Blue Magic Quik Steel Epoxy

    Blue Magic Quik Steel Epoxy

    Luz in WA

    Works awesome

    I always carry one of these in my bag. Its a must have for all atv riders

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