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  • Seat Concepts Seat Cover and Foam Kit

    Seat Concepts Seat Cover and Foam Kit

    Quincy in LA

    10/10 would recommend

    This seat is not only visually appealing but is so much more comfortable than the stock seat. I use to have to stand and shift from left check to right check every 30 minutes on stock DRZ400 seat but now I find I stay seated almost the entire ride (when on the road) and I find my back and shoulders not getting sore anymore 10/10 Only took me about 40 minutes to install I do recommend having a friend help you stretch the cover tight while you get it started to ensure a perfect smooth fit

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  • Seat Concepts Complete Seat

    Seat Concepts Complete Seat

    DON in MT

    Snowbike Seat

    I bought a Seat Concept Seat for my 2018 450 Snow Bike longer rides over 2 hours the Seat was very comfortable. The added wight helped with the control and overall comfort. This is a great product money well spent. Don R

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  • Seat Concepts Supergrip Seat Cover

    Seat Concepts Supergrip Seat Cover

    KEVIN in UT

    Colors bleed

    Seat is very high quality and made of durable material. Installs nicely but does require some stretching to avoid creases or wrinkles in the top of the seat - typical of any ribbed seat cover. What was disappointing is that the colors bleed from the black side panels into the red top. I was able to get the first seat cover warrantied, thinking it was a fluke but the second seat cover has also done the same thing. I do not use any strong cleaners or solvents when washing the bike, just warm water and soap. A little disappointing when you consider that it costs close to Double other seat covers. Fit and function is great but the color bleeding is a real downer.

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