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  • Fastway KTM/Husqvarna Handlebar Mount

    Fastway KTM/Husqvarna Handlebar Mount

    Chad in CA

    Super Strong!

    The OEM handlebar mounts on the 2016 KTM's twist and bend bend very easily and it makes the handlebars loos crooked. This is a great and nessesary upgrade from the OEM handlebar mounts to set everything straight!! These are very durable and extremely strong! Really high quality pro Moto billet aluminum and the top and bottom are each 1 solid piece so it makes it way stronger. Also, they look much better and fit great with the bar pad.

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  • Fastway Air Ext Motorcycle Foot Pegs Kit

    Fastway Air Ext Motorcycle Foot Pegs Kit

    Nick in OR

    Wow. Worth the money!

    I may just be a sucker for billet aluminum parts but they are a work of art. I also have the Rack It rack on my DR650 and they both are awesome. Finish is impeccable and Rocky Mtn got them to me fast and cheaper than anyone else. Thank you for a great product Fastway and cheers to you Rocky Mtn.

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  • Fastway Adjustable Dog Bones

    Fastway Adjustable Dog Bones

    philip in NV

    Works great

    It took a little bit to get the setting dialed in, but once I did, the bike feels so much better in choppy terrain. 2016 yz450fx

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  • Fastway Evo Air Motorcycle Foot Pegs Kit

    Fastway Evo Air Motorcycle Foot Pegs Kit

    Paul in CA

    Comfort Control Durable

    Installed the pegs a month ago. Ridden in open dez and tight single track. Little to foot fatigue. Shifting and brake control is fantastic. Lots of scratches and gouges now. Holding up to the abuse.

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  • Fastway Billet Shock Preload Collars

    Fastway Billet Shock Preload Collars

    greg in UT

    The Shocker

    Good stuff! It did what it said it was going to do and I found the directions to be spot on. Thanks Fastway and Rocky Mtn

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