Fastway Motorcycle Accessories: Suspension

Fastway Motorcycle Accessories: Suspension

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  • Fastway Adjustable Linkage Guard "Pro"

    Fastway Adjustable Linkage Guard "Pro"

    Marco in PA

    Saved me from lots of repairs!

    Ok it's pricey, but it's worth every penny. This thing has saved my otherwise vulnerable dogbones from having to be replaced at least twice this past season and it's still looks great. Very tough, robust build. A must have in the rocks of the Northeast.

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  • Fastway Billet Shock Preload Collars

    Fastway Billet Shock Preload Collars

    Ryan in Pennsylvania


    I recently revalved my suspension, and the stock nylon collars were garbage. I replaced it with the Fastway Billet Shock Preload Collars and it works amazing. They don't strip from being under pressure from the shock spring, and they aren't damaged from hammering on them with punches, and look great on the bike. Absolutely worth every dime. I will absolutely buy again for my next KTM.

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