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  • FMF Gold Series Pipe, "Gnarly Torque"

    FMF Gold Series Pipe, "Gnarly Torque"

    Mark in UT

    Will never ride without one again

    I ride mostly single track in some gnarly tight conditions. I noticed the low down grunt difference immediately and still have my grin when I wind it up. Great pipe, I'm sold.

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  • FMF Power Core IV S/A Silencer

    FMF Power Core IV S/A Silencer

    Mike in Arkansas

    Stop debating buying the Power Core 4- JUST DO IT!

    I spent a good week reviewing website reviews, watching You Tube videos, talking to dealers, etc. There are several options and manufacturers dealing with after market exhaust. The FMF Power Core 4 is absolutely AWESOME. The videos do not do justice to the sound this thing puts out! It went from sounding like a kitten to an angry lion in about 20 minutes of EASY installation. However, don't expect this to totally give you balls to the wall power. It did increase the performance somewhat and I am very pleased. The immediate change was just the awesome sound and rumble this thing puts out. My TTR is now as loud, or louder, than my brother's YZ! Highly recommended!

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  • FMF Power Bomb Header Pipe

    FMF Power Bomb Header Pipe

    Michael in AZ


    I've bought many of these and never been disappointed! Bolts right in and the fact they include new washers is a definite plus!!

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  • FMF Power Core II Silencer

    FMF Power Core II Silencer

    Brian in FL

    Grippin n rippin

    By far best value for what you get. Improved performance all around especially pairing with the fmf gold series gnarly woods pipe. Less than 5 minute install. Sounds and looks great and came to my door as expected. No disappointments here ! Thanks Rocky Mountain atv/mc !!!

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  • FMF Turbine Core II Silencer

    FMF Turbine Core II Silencer

    Jonathan in CO


    No problems, paired with Pro Circuit Platinum 2, it's a pretty tight squeeze but it works. Good power. Hasn't choked down the bike that I can tell.

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  • FMF Jet Kit

    FMF Jet Kit

    Ryan in OR

    Really wakes the bike up!

    I installed these with a pure Polaris exhaust and a K/N air filter with a forced air induction system I built on it and they do a great job keeping up with all the extra air flow and not letting the bike run lean. very happy with the kit. I put in the 175 main and a 45 pilot. (Kit does not include pilot jet) I have installed this kit on 3 of our quads now and they all run great!

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