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  • FMF Factory Fatty Pipe

    FMF Factory Fatty Pipe

    Michael in South Australia

    Best 2 stroke pipe on the market

    The quality and finish on these are awesome. My son rides a KTM 85SX and this just completes his bike. He can notice the difference in power and loves having a stronger mid to top end. Do yourself and your hands a favour and buy some decent spring pullers though.

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  • FMF Pipe Spring Puller Tool

    FMF Pipe Spring Puller Tool

    Westley in VA

    Wish I Had One Sooner

    You know, sometimes we all love the struggle of trying to fit a square into a circular hole and I feel like that's what I've been doing all these years before I had this spring puller tool. Forget using needle nose pliers for the job and cursing your face off. This inexpensive, great tool does the job quickly and efficiently so you can have more time to ride or work on other projects. I can't believe I waited so long to get one.

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  • FMF Power Core II Silencer

    FMF Power Core II Silencer

    Michael in South Australia

    The perfect fit for your FMF pipe

    What else would you expect from FMF but perfect. Have one on my sons KTM85 SX and he loves it. Great power, easy installation and perfect fit. He races on some tight noise restricted tracks and he hasn’t had any issues yet but it definitely is NOT the quietest pipe going around. A lot off sandy tracks and power is awesome. You will love it

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  • FMF Premier 4-Stroke Muffler Packing

    FMF Premier 4-Stroke Muffler Packing

    Westley in VA

    Get Yer Stuffing Here!

    FMF Premier 4-Stroke Muffler Packing works like a dang dream. Easy peasy. Muffles as it should. Behaves as it should. Easy to use and install. Don't shy away from this product as it is a gem.

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  • FMF Power Core Silencer

    FMF Power Core Silencer

    Todd in CA

    Maico application

    This works awesome on the 490 Maico's with only slight modifications for installation.

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  • FMF Stainless Steel Megabomb Header Pipe

    FMF Stainless Steel Megabomb Header Pipe

    Matt in MS

    Great exhaust Kx250f

    The megabomb was a great addition to the 4.1 muffler. I little deeper tone over stock and muffler. Added a little bottom end grunt and pull, and the whole system together really Gives the bike a better and smoother pull all the way through the power curve.

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