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  • Dunlop MX52 Geomax Intermediate/Hard Terrain Tire

    Dunlop MX52 Geomax Intermediate/Hard Terrain Tire

    MIKE in UT

    Best Tire

    I have ridden so many different type of tires but when it comes to mid-hard pack, there is not better tire for maximum hookup across the entire lean angle range; you can drag the handle bars with the predictability and feel required for maximum performance. 120/80 with this profile, tread block pattern, wow, the thing just rips. 52 does everything that the 51 did plus a little, but massive improvements in tread life.

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  • Motion Pro Tire Iron

    Motion Pro Tire Iron

    DANIEL in CA


    Great for the price

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  • Tusk Tire Repair Kit

    Tusk Tire Repair Kit

    DANIEL in CA

    hope not to use it

    Looks like everything is there to get you out of trouble, a bigger gas can capacity would have been better.

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  • Motoz Tractionator Enduro I/T

    Motoz Tractionator Enduro I/T

    Don in WA

    Great tire after modified

    Great tire after cutting out center knob on row of 3 center knobs. This tire was squirrelly on on hard pack was loose dirt/rocks on surface. Too much land not enough sea. This tire would not seal with tubliss. Tubliss used sealed both Dunlop and Pirelli tires and now used with Maxxis. Reason for 4 stars. Over 900 miles minimal wear. Best DOT tire used!

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  • Pirelli MT 43 Pro Trials Tire

    Pirelli MT 43 Pro Trials Tire

    Troy in BC

    Great Price

    Use this tire on slippery wet wooded trails, works great. Not so good on loose dirt down hills or clay type mud!

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  • Tusk Adjustable Height Motorcycle Tire Changing Stand

    Tusk Adjustable Height Motorcycle Tire Changing Stand

    Duane in NY

    Good investment

    For the price of this thing it will pay for itself in a few tire changes since it makes it enough easier to change tires that I don't have to take it to the shop. I was happy with the quality and everything this offered and couldn't imagine what the expensive ones have, to justify spending that much more money on them. I like it.

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