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  • Motion Pro Spoon-Type Tire Iron

    Motion Pro Spoon-Type Tire Iron

    Paul in NC

    A must have for tire changes

    The right sized spoon for getting the bead on or off.

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  • Tusk Portable Motorcycle Tire Changing Stand and Bead Breaker

    Tusk Portable Motorcycle Tire Changing Stand and Bead Breaker

    john in AL

    Shouldn't have waited so long....

    I have been changing tires on motorcycles for over 10 years. I've tried all the youtube DIY methods for breaking beads and have never had a reliable solution. I purchased a new-to-me R1200gs with the cross spoke wheels and decided I needed some help with those extra wide rim lips. This tool worked amazingly well! Like others have mentioned, I had to saw off the little circular "tool holder" to allow the front brake rotor to clear. Other than that, it worked flawlessly. I was able to easily break the bead on the super stiff Continental tires. The frame gave great stability during dis-mounting and cut re-mounting time in half! It was 48 degrees in the garage and I had very little trouble getting the cold tires on the rims. The padded frame also eliminated damage to the spokes. When I was done, I mounted a bicycle hook to the wall to hold the tool up out of the way. This was a great purchase, and I am kicking myself for waiting so long.

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  • BeadBuster XB-455 Tire Bead Breaker

    BeadBuster XB-455 Tire Bead Breaker

    THOMAS in IL

    XB-455 bead breaker

    I have not used my XB-455 yet, but having used the bead breaker previously, I highly recommend the XB-455.. My son purchased the same unit and it works very well. Just lube the bolt and pay attention to the instructions, it will preform very well. Changed tires on my 2003 blaster with no problems. The tries had been on the unit over 8 years and the breaker worked excellent.

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  • Tusk Motorcycle Tire Bead Tool

    Tusk Motorcycle Tire Bead Tool

    Brendan in PA

    Better than Motion Pro BBII

    There's no reason to spend the extra bling money on the blue anodized billet version of this tool. This works better than the Motion Pro blue billet version in my opinion. I would get two or three of these for stubborn tires. I have one now, but will get two on my next order that needs to bulk up for free shipping.

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  • Kenda Tuff Motorcycle Tube

    Kenda Tuff Motorcycle Tube

    nick in MD

    Great tube and has held up to a lot of abuse! Will buy again for sure

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  • Tusk Rim Lock Nut/Spacer Kit

    Tusk Rim Lock Nut/Spacer Kit

    nick in MD

    Great price for some nice added bling and have held up great in color

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Adventure Motorcycle Tires

Looking for tires to take you on your next adventure? It’s no secret that the first thing you should do is analyze your street/dirt ratio. Many riders keep their bikes almost exclusively on the street. Others take their adventure motorcycles into some pretty rough off-road environments. Decide what your needs are. And remember that your needs aren’t necessarily the same as your preferences. You might like to think of yourself as more of an off-road kind of guy, but if you honestly don’t get off the street much, then there’s no sense in straying from a street-oriented tire. Similarly, if you prefer to stick to the street but find yourself in particularly soft terrain the few times that you do go off-road, then you might want to find something a little more dirt friendly than your tendencies might suggest.

Much of the street/dirt ratio is determined by the tire’s tread pattern. Knobby tires are excellent for softer terrain as the lugs are able to dig in and find traction. Street-oriented tires feature finer and fewer grooves to keep as much of the rubber in contact with the asphalt as possible. Because such a wide variation exists with adventure motorcycle needs, you’ll find everything from near-motocross knobbies to tires similar to what you’d use on a street-only bike. Take a good look at the tread pattern and read the product descriptions. If customer reviews are available, make sure to take advantage of them! They often contain priceless gems of wisdom from other adventure motorcyclists.

One thing that’s important for adventure touring tires is longevity. How long will the tires last before you need to replace them? Several adventure touring tires are designed to go for as much as 10,000 miles. These utilize a hard rubber compound. The tradeoff is that they don’t grip as well, so you’ll want to take it easy on the extreme end of things, whether it’s high speed canyon carving or intense off-road challenges. On the other hand, several excellent adventure tires offer superior grip, but they simply won’t give great longevity. You have to decide what is important to you.

And of course, pricing and overall value also come into play. We’ve gone to great lengths to keep prices low and value at its maximum, but different tires are available at various price points, and you’ll have to decide what fits your needs the best. Check out our selection of tires for your adventure motorcycle and pick up a new set today.

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