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  • Tusk Brake Lever

    Tusk Brake Lever

    Chris in AZ

    Good oem replacement

    Works great just like the oem if not better.

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  • Neutron Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    Neutron Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    mike in PA


    Great product for the price.

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  • Tusk Clutch Lever

    Tusk Clutch Lever

    Ryan in MI

    Good product at a good price

    They work just as good as oem and they are a fraction of the price. Good product at a good price.

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  • Tusk Stainless Steel Typhoon Brake Rotor, Front

    Tusk Stainless Steel Typhoon Brake Rotor, Front

    Mark in FL

    Great replacement rotor.

    If your looking for a non floating front brake rotor it’s a good replacement it’s held up very well new brake pads break in well with it excellent braking performance I’m very pleased with it.

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  • Tusk Clutch Perch

    Tusk Clutch Perch

    JOHN in UT

    very good clutch perch

    works great with the tusk clutch lever and is priced to get a few extras for spares well worth it over the expensive alternative

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  • Tusk Oversized Floating Typhoon Brake Rotor Kit, Front

    Tusk Oversized Floating Typhoon Brake Rotor Kit, Front

    DIRK in UT

    Brakes that work

    **KLR 650 Owners LOOK no further** Hey guys, @dirkbike here. Have you been reading the KLR forums, trying to figure out how to get your front brake to work? Don't get sold by the eagle mike fan boys and spend hundreds on the SV caliper conversion and mods, it's not worth it. It would be interesting to see actual data regarding the increased stopping power, but I'd guess it's somewhere between 30-50%. It's night and day difference bolting this on. I've had to emergency brake in sudden dead stop freeway traffic, with a fully loaded KLR, to the point I was questioning if I was going to stop in time or dart off into the emergency lane and hope to god all works out- not a fun feeling or scenario to be in. I know with out a doubt, I would have darted off into the shoulder and gravel if not for this. It's one thing to pull off into the shoulder in a car, but another on a two wheeled machine that slips out under braking and gravel, which is typically what you find on the shoulder. I would recommend this as one of the must have's on the KLR if you're more than just an occasional rider.

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Motorcycle Brakes and Accessories

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has high quality motorcycle brakes that will stop you at a drop of a hat but won’t cost a fortune. We have both sintered metal and carbon material brake pads from the best brands like EBC, Kawasaki, Tusk, Honda and Galfer and you can find them easily using our online “Parts Finder”. We also have standard and wave type motorcycle brake rotors, brake lines and cables and even brake accessories like brake pedal pads and brake reservoir caps. No motorcycle rider wants brakes that sound like nails being scratched on a chalkboard and Rocky Mountain ATV/MC only sells quality brakes that provide excellent stopping power without noise and rotor galling. If you need help replacing your brake pads, we have you covered there too with an instructional video that will walk you through how to do it, step by step. Rocky Mountain is the preferred choice of motorcycle riders because we always have exactly what they need at the best prices in the industry.

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