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  • Primary Drive Rear Steel Sprocket

    Primary Drive Rear Steel Sprocket

    ROB in OR

    Primary Drive Rear Sprocket

    Bullet Proof, Wears as well as high end sprockets and super affordable! Not as fancy looking as high priced sprockets, but I ride for the sake of riding, not for how I look while doing it! I need quality and a great price and I got it! A definate buy!

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  • Primary Drive Front Sprocket

    Primary Drive Front Sprocket

    ROB in OR

    Primary Drive Front Sprocket

    Amazing Price! Super long lasting! Wears as well as the Renthal Sprockets I have purchased for other bikes. Priced so well, I carry spares (one tooth up and one tooth down) in my tool box for quick change based on terrain. A definate must for those of use who like quality and live within in our means!

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  • Renthal Front Sprocket

    Renthal Front Sprocket

    Dale in WA

    Good price Good product

    Easy install. Great part held up well.

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  • Bel-Ray MC-2 Chain Lube

    Bel-Ray MC-2 Chain Lube

    KEVIN in NC



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  • Primary Drive 520 ORH Gold X-Ring Chain

    Primary Drive 520 ORH Gold X-Ring Chain

    Bryan in MI

    Lasts for the entire riding season

    I'm a dual sport rider and put on between 1500 - 2000 miles/year of all dirt, two track, and single track riding. The chain and sprockets last an entire season without any issue. Chain stretches very little and sprockets wear well. Front sprocket is the first the show wear, but I change the whole assembly for the cost. The only issue that I have is that they typically send a chain that is a couple links longer than I need. I have a chain breaker so not a big deal. I believe they have the 120 listed when I need a 118.

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  • Maxima Chain Guard

    Maxima Chain Guard

    Duane in NY


    I've used thicker that was messier but worked better, and thinner that didn't work as good as this. It's a decent compromise.

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