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  • K & L Digital Caliper

    K & L Digital Caliper

    tim in FL

    Excellent product

    Works great but everybody just brands the same product. You can often find them very cheap...just depends who is marking up and putting their name on the product.

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  • Fixt Products Pro Torque T-Handle

    Fixt Products Pro Torque T-Handle

    tim in FL

    Great product

    It's just so easy and quick to use that I actually pull it out and use it. I sat on the "purchase or not fence" because of the price but my son's 50's were always loosing bolts and maintenance requires that you constantly remove covers... to keep t hings right, proper torque is important. I love this tool but they would probably get many more buyers at a more competitive price. What makes it quick and easy is there is no adjustment to make for torque like many wrenches. Just put on a 8mm socket and run a quick check without adjusting the wrench for the proper torque.

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  • Neutron Oil Filter

    Neutron Oil Filter

    James in CO

    Good value filter

    Works as it should. It is dirty and the oil is clean!

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  • Kawasaki OEM Oil Filter

    Kawasaki OEM Oil Filter

    tim in FL

    Its a filter

    who really know what is best. Fits fine.

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  • Nihilo Concepts Hardened Clutch Pins

    Nihilo Concepts Hardened Clutch Pins

    tim in FL

    Good Upgrade

    as an experienced 50 mechanic I would only run stock clutch parts with the exception of these pins. Turn them 90 degrees when they get notched and double the life.

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  • Tusk Clutch Holding Tool

    Tusk Clutch Holding Tool

    tim in FL

    Use it often

    use it often on the 50 and seem to lend it out just as much. Works great.

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