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  • Acerbis X-Brake Front Disc Cover

    Acerbis X-Brake Front Disc Cover

    CORY in CA

    Work Great

    These product is a must have for riding in rocky terrain or in the desert. Great product easy to mount and does the job.

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  • Works Connection Front Brake Reservoir Cap

    Works Connection Front Brake Reservoir Cap

    DENNY in CA

    Good Stuff

    Excellent fit and finish, 'almost' same orange color as OEM KTM at 1/2 the price

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  • KTM Hydraulic Clutch Reservoir Cover

    KTM Hydraulic Clutch Reservoir Cover

    DENNY in CA

    Great Bling

    Perfect fit and finish

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  • Galfer Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    Galfer Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    James in Colorado

    They work great!

    I have been using Galfer pads for years. They are the best I have found. I just bought a set for my new bike, and wouldnt be writing this, but the people that say they get 'glaze' need to break in the pads correctly. All brake pads need to be 'bedded' or you will have issues. Get on the interenet or call your local repair shop if you dont know what you are doing...

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  • Streamline Reflex Clutch Lever

    Streamline Reflex Clutch Lever

    BaBmaker in Nevada

    Lifetime lever

    Lever works great and fits great. I had probably owned this lever a month and my bike tipped over on the concrete bending the lever in a loop. I called streamline and told them of my "crash.'' They had me send it in for a repair. Within a week a brand new lever showed up in the mail postage paid. These levers carry a lifetime warrenty. Crash on..

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  • Tusk Grip Lever Set

    Tusk Grip Lever Set

    anthony in AR

    Awsome levers

    These were easing to put on and are super easy to pull in and they come back out also. I have bought some levers that won't come out so i would have to spread they lever holder apart. I have 2 pairs of these just in case one pair brake. Love these.

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