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  • LC LC2 Utility Jug

    LC LC2 Utility Jug

    mike in UT

    Two hands

    I bought this jug on the recommendation for the sales person at RM ATV. It is good but I still have to really move my hands when it is close to full off the handle to stop the flow. I can't just pull the stem out. I love I can see through the tank and the shape helps balance it. I just am not satisfied with the tube into the tank of the bike set-up.

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  • LC LC2 Utility Jug with 12" Filler Hose

    LC LC2 Utility Jug with 12" Filler Hose

    Greg in KS


    nice jug thick plastic should hold up well. The filler tube functions ok but it looks like they went to Home Depot for the filler parts.

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  • Bike Master Oil Dispenser

    Bike Master Oil Dispenser

    Jacob in NY

    Works Great

    Ive been using this for about 4 months now and it works great. All the plugs seal up nice, its sturdy, and it fits perfectly under my bike stand for when im working with fluids.

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  • VP Racing Square Utility Jug with Deluxe Jug Tube

    VP Racing Square Utility Jug with Deluxe Jug Tube

    James in MD

    Works as advertised

    Works well. Just make sure you screw the top on tight because it will leak otherwise. Also don't get over zealous with pouring it on the bike, gas will come out of the air vent easier then you might expect.

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  • Tuff Jug Utility Jug with Ripper Spout

    Tuff Jug Utility Jug with Ripper Spout

    Coltan in OK

    great design and easy way to fill your bike

    The tuff jug I bought has been very strong and reliable. It has the ez pour spout which makes filling the gas tank easier than ever with no spills. I would definitely recommend it.

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  • Mixin Tag Fuel Indicator

    Mixin Tag Fuel Indicator

    Will in AL

    Really neat product

    These are simple little products that give you an extra visual reminder of wether you have mixed your gas or not. Especially if you have two and four stroke bikes and gas around the house.

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