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  • Renthal 520 R-1 Works Chain

    Renthal 520 R-1 Works Chain

    TOM in PA

    Stretched out alot quickly

    Maybe it's because I ride a 450 and ride alot and in the woods, but this chain sucks, it stretched out alot each ride, always had to tighten it and it only lasted about 4 weeks before it was stretched out way too much. Also it was barely lighter than the Primary Drive x ring chain that I went back to that last much much longer. Fast Vet A rider.

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  • DID 520 ERT2 Gold Chain

    DID 520 ERT2 Gold Chain

    Benjamin in OR

    Strong, light, looks good.

    This chain works awesome and it lasts for a long time. I milked it for 3 seasons, then used it as my dune chain. Its toast now, but I got more than what I paid for.

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  • Bel-Ray Waterproof Chain Lube

    Bel-Ray Waterproof Chain Lube

    Benjamin in OR

    Sticks well, dries fast

    It works great, will buy again. It dries quicky and goes on easily.

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  • Primary Drive Rear Steel Sprocket

    Primary Drive Rear Steel Sprocket

    Garrett in PA

    Long Lasting

    If you want a sprocket that will last, go with steel. I always used to run aluminum but they wouldn't even last one season of trail riding...

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  • Primary Drive 520 ORM O-Ring Chain

    Primary Drive 520 ORM O-Ring Chain

    Garrett in PA

    With steel sprockets, this combo is unbeatable!

    Longest lasting chain I've ever used. Unless you're a pro supercross racer, the extra weight won't kill you!

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  • Polaris High Flow Clutch Intake System

    Polaris High Flow Clutch Intake System

    Colton in UT

    Easy install, great investment.

    Only issue was getting the new clutch cover in between the frame, clutch, and shock, but if you remove the skid plate it allows just enough clearance to push it through. Make sure you have a 2-3/4" hole saw.

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ATV Drive Parts, ATV Primary Drive Parts

The ATV drive system is what propels your quad forward, transforming the raw energy generated by the engine into a useful kinetic force, turning the wheels. However, just as with anything else on a four wheeler, individual components can wear out and need to be replaced. When the time comes to find ATV drive parts, count on Rocky Mountain ATV/MC to be your source. We carry all of the parts you need to keep your drive system in working order:

• Sprockets
• Chains
• Drive belts
• Chain guides

In some cases, we make it easy by providing chain and sprockets kits, so you can replace both at a single time – this prevents one worn-out part from causing premature wear on a new component after you install it.

Among our drive parts, you’ll find more than just the top quality you need to keep your ATV at its optimal functioning level. The products we stock also have a distinctive visual flair – perfect for adding that custom look to your quad. Nothing shares quite the same aggressive, raw appearance as a finely crafted sprocket that has been engineered for top performance and designed with style in mind.

We also have the accessories you need to keep your ATV’s drive system in top shape. We have many options of chain lube to allow you to extend your chain’s useful life as long as possible. We also have drive tools to make working on your chain a breeze. Some of these tools are must-haves if you ride regularly and like to wrench on your own machine.

With major brands like Renthal, Supersprox, DID, Primary Drive and more, you know that you’re getting quality ATV drive parts when you shop with us. Take a moment to choose which category of parts you’d like to see, then click through and browse our selection.

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