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  • Enduro Engineering Clutch Slave Cylinder Guard

    Enduro Engineering Clutch Slave Cylinder Guard

    Derek in PA

    bolts right up

    helps prolong countershaft seal and chain life by keeping debris and mud from packing up around the countershaft sprocket also keeps chain from damaging slave cylinder in case chain comes off

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  • Acerbis Fuel Tank

    Acerbis Fuel Tank

    BRIAN in UT

    Best over-sized tank we have had

    This was actually for a CRF250X. I just drilled and tapped the frame where the R tank mounts (Honda already marked the spot). This bike has had oversized tanks from the other 2 manufacturers. Wish I had just purchased this one at the beginning, or at least as the second option. Only regret is that I let the R designation get in the way as the quick mod has it fitting the X while being the best tank of the bunch.

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  • Neutron Gripper Seat Cover

    Neutron Gripper Seat Cover

    Brett in NC

    Hard to install

    Thats my fault though, plenty of material, heckuva price.

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  • Daystar Fork Boots

    Daystar Fork Boots

    Brett in NC

    OE look

    Fit like they should, tough enough, waaay cheaper than OE.

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  • Acerbis X-Grip Frame Guards

    Acerbis X-Grip Frame Guards

    Lance in CA

    Nice product with stock header - FMF will need mod

    This product works great with stock KTM header. If you have a FMF Megabomb I suggest purchasing the KTM Aluminum Heat Shield - KTM Part # U6912023 or you will need to modify the Acerbis plastic heat shield on right frame guard to avoid it from melting and/or discoloring from the heat of the exhaust pipe at the second louver and the area above. Acerbis uses a thinner strip of aluminum heat resistant tape on the plastic heat shield tape to protect against the exhaust pipe compared to the stock frame guards that have at least a 1/4 inch foam padding with aluminum heat resistant coating. Acerbis replaced for free and are aware of this issue.

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  • Acerbis Front Number Plate

    Acerbis Front Number Plate


    Looks Good

    Looks Good, Made well. Fits well

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