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Top 5 Suspension Tips

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  • All Balls Swing Arm Bearing Kit

    All Balls Swing Arm Bearing Kit

    Tory in MI


    Comes with everything and good quality. Fits just like original equipment.

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  • Tusk Sliding Sag Scale

    Tusk Sliding Sag Scale

    TED in MI

    Time saver

    Bought this tool for a friend who has a talent for suspension tuning. He is delighted. The tool works well.

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  • Daystar Fork Boots

    Daystar Fork Boots

    Harry in AZ

    These are classic!

    The bike came with the plastic fork boots, half a dozen to a dozen crumple spots where they got smashed. These new ones are the rubber compound type, and pop right out when smashed in. They look terrific, vent at the bottom (not up the back as the originals did, and fit perfectly. Excellent!

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  • Motion Pro Micro Fork Bleeder

    Motion Pro Micro Fork Bleeder

    Roger in TN

    Sweet air

    Easy install of you have a screwdriver and a little sense. Looks great works perfect and takes no tool to bleed. Fit and finish is perfect for my bike.

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  • Tusk Shock Spring Compressor

    Tusk Shock Spring Compressor

    Jim in CO

    Good economical spring compressor

    The Tusk spring compressor works well - for what it is. And what it is, is an economical tool that is designed to be used occasionally. I would not recommend if you plan on using it in a pro shop environment. For my home shop it works great. Just be careful, there is nothing to keep the two compressors from being pulled together, which might get ugly if that happens. Don't ask me how I know this.

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  • SKF Fork and Dust Seal Kit

    SKF Fork and Dust Seal Kit

    DANIEL in OH

    skf products

    SKF seals are the absolute best fork seals made bar none.They have the leist stiction are the most durable.I cant wait for Rocky mountain to carry SKF wheel seals.I will be first in line.

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Dirt Bike Suspension Parts

Suspension affects nearly every aspect of riding a dirt bike: jumping, braking, turning and even just sitting! The suspension is particularly important on a dirt bike. What makes dirt bikes so unique compared to other motorcycles? Obstacles are part of an enjoyable ride! A well-designed motocross track encompasses many obstacles: jumps, berms, whoops and more. Even trails are chosen based on their technical nature. The suspension deals with all of these. That’s why you simply can’t skimp on a dirt bike’s suspension maintenance.

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC carries an extensive selection of dirt bike suspension parts for practically every application. If you need to replace a part and there’s an aftermarket solution, chances are you’ll find it here – and at a lower price than anywhere else! (If you need to find an OEM suspension part, we have an impressive OEM section that deals which practically every little piece on a dirt bike. Just click the OEM button at the top of the page to check it out!)

You can find what you need at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. For the front suspension, we have everything from fork oil to fork guards to fork seals. For the rear suspension, you’ll find bearings for swingarms, shock linkages and more. We also stock a variety of suspension tools to ensure that when it is maintenance time, the process is quick and painless instead of frustrating and time-consuming.

We carry many brands which are known for their prestige, including Pivot Works, All Balls, Hammerhead, Race Tech, SKF, Tusk and many more. Whether you stick to the local motocross track or travel every trail you can find, think of Rocky Mountain ATV/MC when dirt bike suspension is on your mind!

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