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  • Maxima Super M 2-Stroke Oil

    Maxima Super M 2-Stroke Oil

    Jeff in CA

    Love this stuff

    This is now the only oil that I use for my 2 strokes. I have tried a number of other premixes and I like the quality and smell of the SuperM I have used it my KTM 150, my daughter's RM85 and now using with her CR125. It really keeps the life of the motor.

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  • Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil

    Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil

    Jeff in CA

    good fork oil

    I have used this BelRay fork oil or Maxima oil and I can honestly say I don't know the difference. The BelRay is a different color and holds up for a good long time. I personally like the BelRay green, so continue to use it when changing seals.

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  • Bike Master Oil Dispenser

    Bike Master Oil Dispenser

    Jacob in NY

    Works Great

    Ive been using this for about 4 months now and it works great. All the plugs seal up nice, its sturdy, and it fits perfectly under my bike stand for when im working with fluids.

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  • Motorex Top Speed 4T

    Motorex Top Speed 4T

    kevin in MI

    KTM Recommends Motorex

    I am a rider not an engineer of synthetic oils. Hey, maybe your bike will run good on peanut oil, or mystery marvel oil....? But KTM recommends using Motorex so I use what the manufacturer recommends. I mean they are smart enough to build an awesome bike so shouldn't they be smart enough to specify the lubricants to use in them?

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  • Pro Honda GN4 4-Stroke Motor Oil

    Pro Honda GN4 4-Stroke Motor Oil

    Raymond in WY

    Quality oil

    Good oil, slightly cheaper than the HP4. I use it in my older XR bikes.

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  • Maxima Racing Fork Fluid

    Maxima Racing Fork Fluid

    James in MD

    DId the trick for me

    This fluid helped with the feel of the front end. Unfortunatly a seal started leaking at the end of the first ride with the fluid and I have had to nurse it on a few rides since to prevent leaking too much fluid and doing damage. Hopefully next time I install the seals correctly and can put this fluid through the paces.

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