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Latest Chemicals Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • No Toil Foam Air Filter Oil

    No Toil Foam Air Filter Oil

    Brian in CA

    No Toil is a great product

    Great product! Much easier product to use them petroleum based filter oils. We have three bikes that we race year around off road so we use a lot of the stuff and we change our filters after every race

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  • Outerwears Fuel Funnel

    Outerwears Fuel Funnel

    Austin in KS

    Cheap insurance

    Do yourself a favor and buy this. Its cheap insurance making sure you have clean fuel going in your machine. I grew up using one. I had to finally buy my own. You will be shocked and the crud that this thing will catch. I bought the 6qt on accident, its absolutely overkill massive. But works just fine other then I look goofy filling up with it.

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  • Klotz Chain Lube

    Klotz Chain Lube

    MARK in VA

    By far the best chain lubricant I have ever used. After cleaning my chain and using Klotz nothing , even sand clings to it. It super easy to rinse off . This is a must try product youbwould not be disappointed.

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  • Klotz KLR Chain Lube

    Klotz KLR Chain Lube

    Derek in PA

    great chain lube does its job and doesnt fling off all over your bike

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  • Bel-Ray Blue Tac Chain Lube

    Bel-Ray Blue Tac Chain Lube

    Donald in NC

    Great Lube

    I like the combination of Blue Tac chain lube and Honda chain cleaner. They make a great team! I have found that if you apply Blue Tac after a ride and after cleaning and then park the bike until the next day, none of the lube gets spun off onto the rear wheel and the inside of the chain guard. My chains are happy

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  • Pro Honda Chain Cleaner

    Pro Honda Chain Cleaner

    Donald in NC

    The Good Stuff

    Of all the chain cleaners out there, the Honda product seems to work best and makes the least mess

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Air Filter Cleaner, Brake Fluid, Cable Lube and More..

No one who wants their dirt bike to stay in good shape neglects proper maintenance. If you’re a rider who is serious about off-road fun, you know that your bike needs all sorts of chemicals and oils to keep it at its peak. This is where you’ll find it all. We’ve separated them all into categories to make it easy to find whatever you need. (Don’t forget that we have a separate page devoted to dirt bike oil.)

Some of the chemicals and fluids on these pages should be used regularly to extend the useful life of your bike’s components. For example, air filter oil is applied to foam air filters to more effectively grab dust and dirt before it enters the engine. Coolant keeps your motorcycle operating at an appropriate temperature. Chain lube helps every link last just a little bit longer (and is good for your sprockets as well).

If you work on your own bike, you know that there are all sorts of things you need with replacing everything from bearings to brakes. On these pages, you’ll find contact cleaners, cable lube, adhesives and just about anything else. And of course, you can’t forget grease. We carry many types of grease and other lubricants, some of which are designed for a very specific function, but others which are good for all sorts of applications. And anyone who has worked extensively on a dirt bike knows that there are many uses.

At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we don’t just understand the value of regular maintenance and do-it-yourself projects; we also recognize the importance of customization. We carry paint that allows you to touch up your bike and give it a custom look. We also have a variety of fuel additives. Some improve your motorcycle’s performance or assist with extended periods of disuse. But that’s not all; you might want to check out the fuel additives we carry which add a unique (and pleasant) scent to your dirt bike. Now that’s customization!

Browse our pages today to see what we have available. Your dirt bike will thank you later.

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