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  • KTM Touring Windscreen

    KTM Touring Windscreen

    eric in CA

    It's about what I expected. I bought it mostly to protect accessories like phone and GPS and for that it works perfectly. As far as wind protection it does direct the wind up above your chest but not over your head. It's a good buy unless you're looking for full-blown windshield protection which it will not provide

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  • Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen

    Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen

    J in WA

    Great windshield

    I put a KLR upper dash and the Dbl Bbl on my 18 KLR and love them both. The KLR upper dash pushes the windshield, even the stock one, into a more vertical position for better air movement around the rider. Add the Dbl Bbl to the upper dash and you have a complete winner. The "extra" bubble on the windshield seems to me to push the air out and up even further and the bike just rides better. My helmet, Scorpion EXO-AT950 has a peak on it and with the KLR upper dash and Dbl Bbl it help alot. I was even standing on my pegs at 40+ and still had good protection. I'm about 5'7" tall and wish I had done this sooner. It looks great on the bike too.

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  • Zero Gravity Sport Touring Windscreen

    Zero Gravity Sport Touring Windscreen

    Timothy in NC

    windblast no more

    Installed mine in conjunction with KLRdash. No more pounding to the chest at 75 mph. Much more pleasant ride. Highly recommend this windscreen.

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  • Yamaha Side Wind Deflectors

    Yamaha Side Wind Deflectors

    STEVE in WV

    Side Wind Deflectors

    Deflectors were easy to install. I didn't like the plastic screws. I would estimate a 25-30% wind reduction on my chest. Biggest reduction is 55 MPH and below. At higher speeds the turbulence starts to pick up.

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  • Klock Werks Flare Windshield

    Klock Werks Flare Windshield

    Jonathan in WI


    Klock Werks Flare Windshield Dark is hands down the best windshield a biker could ask for the way it directs the wind around you and not through you is amazing

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  • Kawasaki Tall Windshield

    Kawasaki Tall Windshield

    Dave in AR

    Better than stock windshield

    Much better wind protection than the stock windshield. Looks good on bike. I am 5'9" and it works fine for me.

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Motorcycle Windshields

Motorcycle windshields are popular aftermarket accessories that don’t come stock on most cruisers, sport bikes and dual sport motorcycles. However, most touring bikes do come with them. Why the contrast? It all has to do with a windshield’s function. Many motorcyclists relish the wind in their face when cruising around town. However, at higher speeds, wind is hardly a rider’s friend. Instead, it’s a force of nature, one which slowly wears a motorcyclist out. More than just touring motorcycles hit the highways, so there are excellent aftermarket windshields available for most bikes.

Wind causes rider fatigue, but that isn’t all. In cold weather, wind amplifies the chill. A windscreen doesn’t just make it more comfortable to ride from fatigue perspective; it also makes it more comfortable from a temperature perspective.

The name windshield is naturally self-explanatory, but there are also other things you might want to shield yourself from besides the wind. If you ever ride in the rain, a windshield can offer protection from the bullets of H20. It can also be great protection from bugs. It’s convenient in either situation, but it is especially valuable if you have an open-face helmet and your face is exposed.

We’ve simplified the shopping process by splitting the windscreens we carry into two different categories: those for cruisers and those for sport bikes or dual sport motorcycles. After that, many wind deflectors can be identified as being a good fit by utilizing our Parts Finder with your machine’s make, model and year. However, some windshields (particularly those for cruisers) fit a variety of bikes and instead use machine-specific mounting brackets (which you can find in our mounting hardware and accessories category).

Windscreen height is one of the most important attributes to consider when buying motorcycle windshields. For standard-sized screens, it’s ideal if the deflector is raised high enough to be on an equal level as the tip of your nose when you’re in a comfortable riding position. This is a specific height measurement, and in most cases, getting it right is crucial. Why? If the deflector is too low, it won’t perform its function adequately. If it is too high, it will do an excellent job of shielding you from the wind, but it could also impair your visibility. Even though windscreens are designed to be seen through, their transparency can get obscured by rain or bugs.

Even a little variance can cause problems. For example, if it is only a little too high, the end of the windshield might be right in your line of sight, causing a visual distraction. If it is only a little too low, it could cause or intensify helmet buffeting.

Getting the right height might feel overwhelming, and that’s understandable. Make sure to measure yourself for your windshield before purchasing (preferably with the help of someone else who can take the measurement while you sit comfortably on the bike). However, some deflectors can be adjusted a little bit by moving them forward or backward during the mounting process. The best position is right in line with your front forks, but you can often change its exact angle to better accommodate the height you need.

Another thing you need to consider is how the windshield will fit on your bike. Most windscreens are designed to accommodate headlights, but there is quite a bit of variance from bike to bike – especially considering how many aftermarket headlights are available as well.

A final thing you might want to think about is whether or not the windshield includes a quick release mechanism. This is sometimes called by other terms (such as trigger-lock), but the meaning is that the windscreen can quickly and easily detach from the bike. This allows you to cruise around town with the wind in your face, but you can still attach your wind deflector if you know your ride is going to take you longer distances or at higher speeds. It’s a small matter of convenience, but it can make a big difference to how much you enjoy your windshield.

When you’re ready to purchase a windshield for your bike, start browsing one of the categories listed on this page. We carry major brands like Memphis Shades, Klock Werks, National Cycle, Puig, Zero Gravity, Kuryakyn, Cee Bailey’s and many others. We carry numerous motorcycle windshields at excellent prices, so you’re sure to find one that’s right for you and your bike. Check out our selection today!

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