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  • Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube with Bearing

    Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube with Bearing


    Would not go back to plastic throttle tube!

    I am a fairly new rider and tend to dump my bike more than often. Went through at least 4 plastic throttle tubes in a 3 month frame before investing in an aluminium tube. The tusk is fairly priced and for the amount of times my bike has landed on the throttle, she's still working like a charm! If you enjoy trail riding where you might be more prone to dumping your bike on the rocks, make the investment and buy this throttle tube!

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  • ASV F3 Series Pro Model Clutch Lever With Hot Start

    ASV F3 Series Pro Model Clutch Lever With Hot Start

    JASON in MD

    Worth the price!

    Love my new clutch lever gonna buy the front brake lever next! Easy install easy to adjust!

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  • Tusk D-Flex Spoilers

    Tusk D-Flex Spoilers

    Don in AZ

    Like them better than the standard spoiler

    I have the tusk hand guard kit, and the main plastic guards were beat to death. These are meant to go over them, but work just fine by themselves when screwed to the aluminum guards. They provide a bit more coverage (top to bottom), and are cheaper than the originals if used as a replacement. They block more wind and trail debris as well. I think the original plastic units look better, and these combined with them (as is shown and recommended by tusk) would look better too. Outside of that, these have served me well. I am switching to the full cycra kit next time due only to the bend of the aluminum guard. If it weren't for that, I would probably just step up and buy a replacement full tusk kit with these spoilers.

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  • MSR Handlebar Mount Bushing Kit

    MSR Handlebar Mount Bushing Kit

    Don in AZ

    Solid product, pricing is OK

    For a few pieces of rubber or urethane, and 4x washers it's a bit pricier than I think it should be. Having said that, the quality is good, and fit is as well.

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  • Odi V2 Emig MX Lock-On Grips

    Odi V2 Emig MX Lock-On Grips

    Don in AZ

    Works as advertised, but may not be for everyone.

    This is basically a 1/3 waffle pattern, in cool color combinations, that seems to function well. Because the rubber part of the grip has to share space with the plastic sub frame there is a trade off between the diameter of the grip (seems slightly bigger than normal) and the amount of vibration that is translated thru the grip (seems slightly higher than others I have used). If you like thin grips the additional size may be an issue as it doesn't offer the benefits of additional rubber that you usually get with thicker grips. I'm not sure if the rogue version of this will provide more dampening, but I will likely try it next time around. If neither work or the rogue grip is too big for my liking I will likely go back to a standard glue/wire on grip. These are used with full wrap hand guards. They went on well, no slippage, and I have had no issues with durability from use or crashes due to the protection of the outer hand guards. Only other thing to note is about the indexing of the throttle grip. You can't really tweak it much as it is set with the throttle cam. Not a big issue, but should be noted. The rogue pattern may make this much less of an issue.

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  • Motion Pro Clutch Cable

    Motion Pro Clutch Cable

    Don in AZ

    Doing well so far

    Replaced stock cable after it frayed at the lever end. I did not notice any difference in the amount of effort to pull, but it is consistent. The rubber moulding on the bar end (not at the lever, but down cable from the lever) could be better where it slip fits once the two nuts are snugged to each other. The factory one seemed better un that regard. At the clutch end, it has a domed rubber cap that is fairly open where the cable goes through. It wouldn't do much to prevent dirt going in, especially when pressure washing a bike. Fortunately at that end gravity should help to offset it a bit. Having some sort of rubber bellow that could seal the area up better would be an improvement, though I don't know anyone who is doing that. Only time will tell if it is an issue. The price is good, so if it holds up long term I will buy it again.

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