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  • Acerbis X-Force Handguards

    Acerbis X-Force Handguards

    Tom in NJ

    On gaurd

    Quality hand gaurds. Very affordable and simple to install. Looks and functions great.

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  • ARC Flex Clutch Lever

    ARC Flex Clutch Lever

    Rob in OH

    Pricey levers, but given my propensity for crashing, a must have item.

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  • Fasst Flexx 1 1/8" Handlebar

    Fasst Flexx 1 1/8" Handlebar

    eddie in CA


    Had to sent it back to mountainatv and exchange for the right fitment, the best customer service from mountainatv. I rode 2017 ktm 690 duke, the bend was not comfortable for long distance, so i got a 14 degree atv high bend which was perfect. Go with the soft dampers and now my wrist doesnt hurt no more! Vibrations gone, i can ride all day. I do wish the price was lower but u get wat u pay for. Great product!

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  • Rekluse Left Hand Rear Brake Kit

    Rekluse Left Hand Rear Brake Kit

    Dean in AZ

    Your new job: Bleeding the brakes over and over - R...

    I had high hopes for this left hand brake but Rekluse let me down big time on this design. I love my Rekluse clutch so I took a 300 dollar chance on this. However, this brake is aweful. Here's why: You bleed it bottom up, top down... anyway way you want until there are zero air bubbles. It will work great in the driveway. Then you go ride and it acts up. Mine did this odd thing where when the hand lever is pulled, it does NOTHNG (no brakes) but while puled in, the foot brakes works. Or the reverse... you can depress the foot pedal (doing nothing - no brakes) but the hand brake will work. The only way I got back with any rear brakes was to zip tie the hand brake down so the foot pedal will work. I spent hours on the phone with Rekluse tech support. All they really did was send me the PDF of the same printed doc that comes with the kit.They were not able to offer any technical reason why my left hand brake worked the way it did. I am going with the OX Left Hand Brake. I know it's mechanical and that is the beauty. You don't have to BLEED YOUR BRAKES IN A TRIANGLE - AGAIN and AGAIN.

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  • Cycra Probend CRM Handguard Racer Pack 1 1/8" Bars

    Cycra Probend CRM Handguard Racer Pack 1 1/8" Bars

    Lance in CO

    Not so great

    Guess Colorado men tell the truth, I found fit to my bars poor! The power grip ends were a joke Too small to grip or too big to go into the bar ends I replaced them with the Acerbis grip ends as for the plastics well I must have got the Friday production or they were molded for a different bar. Either way it took way too long to install than other guards; just saying you’re going to need a lot more time and patience plus some extra parts to make them work

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  • ProTaper Grip Glue

    ProTaper Grip Glue

    Seth in OR


    This stuff is sticky and dries in a second ! You have to be fast and helps to have 2 people one to put on the glue and a second to shove on the grip. If you get it on anything it like your hands I found nothing that will clean it off not even asatone !

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