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  • Tusk Impact Complete Wheel - Front

    Tusk Impact Complete Wheel - Front

    Josh in WV

    Looks good

    I haven't been able to try it out yet, but it looks great and seems like a quality product.

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  • Warp 9 Complete Wheel Kit - Rear

    Warp 9 Complete Wheel Kit - Rear

    Tom in ME

    Have a question, not a review.

    Can you get a silver hub with a gold rim. Time to build doesn't matter. TECH NOTE: We do not offer this particular set-up for your machine, but if you contact Warp 9 directly they might carry this particular style.

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  • Pivot Works Rear Wheel Bearing Upgrade Kit

    Pivot Works Rear Wheel Bearing Upgrade Kit

    Mark in PA

    Fitment issues

    My KTM has an aftermarket hub, Dubya to be exact, and this caused fitment issues. I had to machine around 3/8in off the center collar because it was too long. It is too long because the bearings could not seat into the hub and I could not install the seals. If you run into issues with fitment, don't go and cut 3/8in off because that is an estimate. Take your Dubya wheel and bearing kit to a machine shop and have them shorten it.

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  • Tusk Impact Complete Front/Rear Wheel Kit

    Tusk Impact Complete Front/Rear Wheel Kit

    Tyler in Michigan

    Best set of wheels

    I bought these wheels not knowing what to expect, after riding with them for a year and putting 100 hours on them I am very pleased. I race enduros and have used these in whoops and rocks being an A rider and never had an issue. I have never had to tighten any spokes nor have I had to true them. I run Moouse bibs in them and they have held up to the abuse of putting new tires on. I wouldn't hesitate to buy these wheels again and I am very happy with the purchase!

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  • Motion Pro Rim Lock

    Motion Pro Rim Lock

    Jon in NC

    Motion Pro Rim Lock

    Very similar to OEM, a lttle sturdier looking and cheaper

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  • Fasst Spoke Wrench Head

    Fasst Spoke Wrench Head

    Jon in NC

    Fasst Spoke Wrench Head

    fits perfect, works great

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