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  • Primary Drive 520 ORH Gold X-Ring Chain

    Primary Drive 520 ORH Gold X-Ring Chain

    Wyatt in IN

    Good for the money

    This is a great deal. Pair this chain with a quality steel sprocket and it will last a long time. This chain is just as good as the name brand chains that cost twice as much.

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  • Supersprox Rear Steel Sprocket

    Supersprox Rear Steel Sprocket

    Milton in FL

    High quality

    Super durable and quality made sprocket, I could have gone through probably 10 aluminum sprockets by the time it wore out. Don't be one of the local track clowns who thinks because they have aluminum sprockets suddenly the small weight difference will make them faster; only experts and pros have the right to make such claim.

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  • DID 520 ERT2 Gold Chain

    DID 520 ERT2 Gold Chain

    Justin in KY


    The best MX chain out there

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  • Pro-Taper Rear Aluminum Sprocket

    Pro-Taper Rear Aluminum Sprocket

    Tim in WI


    Bought for my sons crf 50, fit was perfect, looked cool and very light weight. It has been holding up just fine, reason for buying was looking for a tooth larger sprocket and Protaper offered one.

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  • Tirox 360° Chain Brush

    Tirox 360° Chain Brush

    David in FL

    The Tirox 360° Chain Brush Works !

    There are many ways to clean a chain on a motorcycle and most of them involve removing it to do a good job. The Tirox 360° Chain brush works great while keeping everything in place. Spray your chain with your favorite cleaner and thread the corkscrewed brush onto it. With one hand on the brush, turn your wheel and let the magic happen. It does work and it even gets the backside of the chain that everyone neglects. Keep this cool tool in your box and make it a ritual and your chain will look fresh and last a long time.

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  • Simple Solutions The Grunge Brush with Cleaner

    Simple Solutions The Grunge Brush with Cleaner

    Josh in NM

    Chain Brush

    Awesome brush, makes cleaning the chain way faster and easier.

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