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  • Raven Muffler Plug

    Raven Muffler Plug

    Nicholas in CA

    Good product

    Does it's job perfectly, easy installation no complaints, light weight but, solid

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  • Tusk Exhaust Spring Tool

    Tusk Exhaust Spring Tool

    Elmoto in OK

    Spring tools

    Without this tool it would be almost dangerous to remove the high tension springs

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  • FMF Premier 2-Stroke Silencer Packing

    FMF Premier 2-Stroke Silencer Packing

    Elmoto in OK

    Good deal for the money fits perfect

    Fits perfectly plus have more than enough for another bike -

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  • Lexx MXe Premium Silencer Packing

    Lexx MXe Premium Silencer Packing

    Brendan in PA

    The DR650 with an FMF pipe was too much for this pa...

    This packing installed incredibly easily and gave a nice note to the exhaust while still knocking down the obnoxious high pops. However, it's a bit pricey and my DR650 has been blowing the packing out of the rear of the silencer around the spark screen. I have used RTV and secured the spark screen deep into the tip several times but the packing continues to come out a few strings at a time. I might get this again and just use a piece of the 'blanket' style packing at the tip to seal it in. The sound muffling is excellent but the durability may be an issue. If it stands up to the test of time and doesn't burn out, I'll probably buy it again. If it doesn't last long, the price is a bit steep.

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  • FMF Wash Plug

    FMF Wash Plug

    Gabriel in ME

    Does the job, fits a lot of pipes

    Does the job and fits nice and snug. Just remember to take it out when you start your bike and don't sit there like a fool wondering why she's bogging like me.

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  • FMF Premier 4-Stroke Muffler Packing

    FMF Premier 4-Stroke Muffler Packing

    David in KY


    This packing is half as thick as factory packing and it's not long enough for the stock 350xcf can. I think there are better options.

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