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Latest Luggage Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Wolfman Vinyl Repair Kit

    Wolfman Vinyl Repair Kit

    Michael in CA

    Buy this now, thank me later

    For all the benefits that soft luggage provides, durability will always be less than their hard sided cousins. Luckily, if you poke a hole in your bag it won't take a welder to fix it! The kit is pretty basic, which is exactly what you want. It's the exact same material that wolfman made your bag our of so durability of the patch should be the same as the bag itself.

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  • Nelson Rigg Expandable Sport Tail Bag

    Nelson Rigg Expandable Sport Tail Bag

    Matt in OR

    Tail bag

    Works great , looks great and is easy to install. Makes bike look sporty and not touring

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  • Yamaha Rear Luggage Rack

    Yamaha Rear Luggage Rack

    jim24 in CA


    Yes I do recommend this rack

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  • Givi V35 PLX Monokey Side Cases

    Givi V35 PLX Monokey Side Cases

    Aaron in WI

    Decent overall for the price, poor latches

    Had them for 2 yrs now. No real problems but the latches are very flimsy and bind so the need lubrication and cleaning frequently. Some minor leakage on a hard rain day. Overall decent performance for the money. Mounted on my wifes nc700x and they look appropriate and sized well so didn't have a lot of options

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  • Tusk Aluminum Panniers

    Tusk Aluminum Panniers

    John in TN

    First Set

    I had to build custom racks because Tusk doesn't make them for my bike. Boxes are great, can't beat the price. Completely satisfied.

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  • Bike Master Stretch Net

    Bike Master Stretch Net

    Aleksandar in IL


    Very affordable and nice to keep with your bike just in case you may need to carry something with you.

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Motorcycle Luggage, Saddlebags, Tank Bags, Tail Bags

Motorcycle luggage can greatly increase how much you can take with you on your ride. Whether you are just heading to work or on a week-long road trip, we have solutions for you. With the right bags installed on your bike, you can still enjoy the freedom that a motorcycle provides without being limited to what you can carry on your person.

We recognize that everyone’s needs are different, and that’s why we have several options of luggage available:

  • Tank bags
  • Tail bags
  • Saddlebags
  • Tool and windshield bags

We also carry various mounts and accessories to help you get the most out of your baggage. This page is your starting point. Simply choose which type of luggage you’re most interested in, and you’ll be able to see what we have available.

Motorcycle luggage is important for anyone, regardless of your riding preferences. Just consider a few items you might want to carry along with you:

  • If you plan on traveling in the countryside away from civilization, a small selection of tools is great for roadside fixes.
  • If you love touring with your bike, it’s nice to be able to take extra clothing for overnight trips.
  • If you’re particularly media-savvy, you might want some camera equipment to capture special moments along the way.
  • If you’re the motocommuter type, you can bring a laptop or other work essentials.
  • If you’re just heading to do some light shopping, it’s convenient to bring your purchases back on your bike instead of being required to drive your car instead.

No one wants to feel limited on their bike. That’s why they ride it in the first place! With some good motorcycle luggage, you can free yourself of these limitations and enjoy your bike the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Take a look at our selection now to see how it can change your riding experience.

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