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Latest Dirt Bike Wheel Accessories Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • WPS Rim Strip

    WPS Rim Strip

    Glenn in CO

    Cheap insurance for your new tubes

    At this price why would you not buy it? Cheap insurance.

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  • Pivot Works Rear Wheel Bearing and Collar Kit

    Pivot Works Rear Wheel Bearing and Collar Kit

    Anthoney in NM

    Definitely an upgrade

    Product arrived as expected. Easy install just like OEM bearings. The wheel spacers are much nicer than OEM HusKTMaberg units. They have a square lip to pry against for when they get stuck from the debris that accompanies an off-road motorcycle. The axle sealing o-ring is a great idea as well as a small machined swell in the OD portion of the wheel spacer that inserts into the inner hub spacer tube to make for a tighter fit and less chance of dirt/moisture intrusion.

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  • Pivot Works Rear Wheel Bearing Kit

    Pivot Works Rear Wheel Bearing Kit

    Wallace in CA

    Great parts at great prices!

    Very good quality bearings and came complete with seals would not hesitate to order from Rocky Mountain in the future.

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  • Tusk Motorcycle Rim Lock

    Tusk Motorcycle Rim Lock

    Timothy in MI

    Great rim lock for a great price

    I installed at least 30 or 40 of these, the aluminum plate bites into tire holding it securely. The rubber backing stays bonded to the aluminum. Not much more you can ask for from a rim lock. I think these work much better than some way more expensive models. If you want to impress your friends, buy a fancy nut for them and they will never know.

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  • Tusk Spoke Sleeves

    Tusk Spoke Sleeves

    Brayton in IL

    Great product

    If you are looking to change the color of your spokes very cheap and easy to install way of doing it.

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  • All Balls Wheel Bearing Kit

    All Balls Wheel Bearing Kit

    Jason in KY

    All Balls Wheel Bearings are great!! They’re precision diameter makes the bearings press in effortlessly and fit as good or better than factory! I will continue to use All Balls parts on my buggy!! 1000 xp

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Dirt Bike Wheel Accessories

Does your dirt bike’s wheel currently have you in a bind? Don’t worry; there are plenty of accessories and replacement parts available to get you back up and running. A worn-out part here and there is no reason to replace the entire wheel, and that’s why we’ve assembled a selection of different wheel parts and accessories. They’re categorized to make it easy to browse and find what you want. For example, if you’ve damaged or prematurely worn your hub, we have a few to choose from.

Wheel bearings keep your wheel rotating smoothly without damaging other components. They effectively manage the wear caused by the necessary friction involved with always being on the go. When one gets shot, no problem – just replace it, and your dirt bike’s wheel is as good as new. Wheel spacers keep your tire right where it needs to be between the forks, reducing wear and keeping you going on the track or trail. For bearings and spacers, we carry brands like All Balls, Bearings Connection and Pivot Works – all names which are respected for producing quality parts at exceptional value.

Of course, one of the most essential components of a dirt bike wheel is the spokes. We stock several spoke kits that allow you to replace them. Whether you’re looking from spokes from Warp 9, Pro-Wheel or Tusk, you’ll find them right here at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. They come complete with all you need for a full spoke replacement on your bike.

We also have a page devoted to wheel accessories, which includes many other parts and products that you might want to consider. For example, we have several options of rim locks available. They’re ideal for keeping your dirt bike’s tube in place when you’re running low air pressure in your off-road excursions. We also have valve stems and caps if you need to replace a damaged valve or just want to add a little bling to your bike.

Check out our selection today to see what we’ve got that’s perfect for you.

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