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  • Knobby Knife Rubber Knife

    Knobby Knife Rubber Knife

    Shawn in CA

    4 to 6 more rides per tire

    I get about two more rides from the rear tire each time I knobby knife it (I ride mostly rocky trails). Usually knobby knife the rear 2 or 3 times before the knobs are toast. If you are patient, you can also knife the braking edge of the knobs. Usually takes me about 12-15 minutes to do one tire. You can also squeeze a little extra life out of the front tire if you sharpen up those knob edges, but it does take a bit longer to knife than the rear. Overall I consider this a great product.

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  • Motion Pro Fork Seal Bullet

    Motion Pro Fork Seal Bullet

    Robert in TX

    Must have for fork work

    I have tried several ways to keep from knicking the fork seals. 85% of the time, I get it right with my homemade methods. But the 15% of the time it fails, it's a huge pain in the butt, time consuming, and costly. With the bullet, you have a 1000% chance of success.

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  • Motion Pro Seal Mate Fork Seal Cleaner

    Motion Pro Seal Mate Fork Seal Cleaner

    marc in NJ

    drz400sm crf250l

    this little piece of plastic will save you loads of money and down time... most times, this is the fix... throw it in your cart and get yourself that much closer to free shipping!!! hahaha

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  • Motion Pro 3" Stainless Steel Magnetic Parts Dish

    Motion Pro 3" Stainless Steel Magnetic Parts Dish

    marc in NJ

    drz400sm crf250l

    i love this little dish... perfect for normal jobs... i have a bigger one if need be, but his one is my usual dish... and for the price, it helps you get free shipping. that's why i bought mine and am glad i did...

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  • Tusk 8mm Flange Bolts

    Tusk 8mm Flange Bolts

    Lloyd in MN

    These work well and fit well

    These are what I would expect out of a good quality bolt. Quality seems good, and time will tell plus a few times of install removal then one will really know how good it is. But so far so good

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  • Tusk Chain Riveting Tool

    Tusk Chain Riveting Tool

    don in OH

    Easy Peezy

    This tool makes riveting a chain very easy. I just used it for the first time to rivet a DID VT2 x-ring chain. (1st time riveting a chain). I don't know about long term or using it to break a chain. It should be ok. The Motion Pro pins are interchangeable. Tip; get a pocket caliper, $7, to measure the width of the peened pin. DID says .217 to.228 inches. Or about 5.6mm, to be sure you peen it out completely.

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