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  • Motion Pro Flywheel Puller

    Motion Pro Flywheel Puller

    Abelardo in AZ

    I would recommend this product it worked great

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  • Air Force Blaster Sidekick Motorcycle Dryer

    Air Force Blaster Sidekick Motorcycle Dryer

    Larry in TN

    the air force blower helps reduce water spots.

    trying to keep the air force blower from my friends has become a full time job. they want to know hope i keep my bike from looking so spotless. my family uses it on every thing we wash, cars,trucks, suvs utvs, atvs. would recommend to anyone to buy it. would be a great gift for anyone.

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  • KTM Soft Loop Buckle Tie Downs with Clips

    KTM Soft Loop Buckle Tie Downs with Clips

    Justin in NC

    Great tie downs!

    I was using the ratchet straps prior to these and I'm no looking back. These work so much better and are way easier to use!

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  • Motosport Alloys Spline Drive Tapered Lug Nut

    Motosport Alloys Spline Drive Tapered Lug Nut

    TODD in WI

    lug nuts

    Thanks for your great product and great communication!

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  • Trail Tech TTO CVT Belt Temp Sensor

    Trail Tech TTO CVT Belt Temp Sensor

    dennis in NV

    Nice Easy Belt Temp Sensor

    Very valuable tool to have especially if you are driving for extended times at high RPM. Nice to know the belt temp during normal use and know when things are getting hot. Heat kill belts. Used this on my CanAm Commander Max and I was always about 40 degrees hotter than the Polaris machines. Installed easily. At times some of the digital numbers were not displaying properly, almost like a dead watch battery. That is the reason for the 4 stars on reliability and performance.

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  • Walker Evans Racing IFP Tool

    Walker Evans Racing IFP Tool

    Kevin in ID

    Walker Evens Shock IFP Tool

    Like the other reviewer said I had to drill a small relief hole in the bottom of the tool because it create an air lock once the tool is screwed onto the IFP. Also not exactly as pictured but it did the job. I rebuild all 4 WE shocks on my 2014 XP 4 1K in about 2.5 hrs.

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