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  • Motion Pro RimShield II

    Motion Pro RimShield II

    Eddy in WA

    Rim shields

    Great product, works very well and not too thick to get in the way when spooning off tires. I dont know what kind of plastic they are made of but they are pretty much indestructable.

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  • Avon Cobra AV71 Front Motorcycle Tire

    Avon Cobra AV71 Front Motorcycle Tire

    Rick in OR

    Great traction, great life

    Never had an uneasy moment with this tire. Ride in rain and never had a slip. Got 12k miles. Left side of center wore first and the wear pattern isn't quite even around the tire, but I didn't balance it when I installed it, and I typically wear the left side first on all my tires, so this isn't real unusual. Just bought another to replace it.

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  • Michelin Anakee 3 Front Adventure Touring Motorcycle Tire

    Michelin Anakee 3 Front Adventure Touring Motorcycle Tire

    Larry in Tennessee

    front wore out first

    I have used Michelin tires for the entire 151,000 miles since I bought the bike new in 2003. First set was T-66's and the rest were Anakee, Anakee2 and Anakee3. Latest Anakee (the 3) has about the same traction characteristics as the previous Anakee and Anakee2, with the dirt performance being better. Mud and sand still the same. I bought the pair (front and rear) and mounted them at the same time, and ran the same tire pressure as the previous tires since 90+% of the riding is 2-up. There was less scalloping wear in the Anakee3, but instead of getting the 12,000+ miles that I have been getting on the previous tires, this one was down to the wear bands at 9500 miles. I replaced the front and it now has 4000+ miles and just recently had to change the rear tire which got nearly 13,000 miles. I will probably have to replace the front again before the rear wears out.

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  • Motion Pro Tire Iron

    Motion Pro Tire Iron

    Jay in MA

    buy the motion pro spoon type irons

    don't be me... I bought these originally, I was cheeping out and struggled with the 1st dirt tire (I hadn't changed one of these in 25 years?) then I broke down and bought the spoon type... I am sure my technique improved but the thinness of the spoon types really make a huge difference. also, the biggest advice i can give is make sure to keep the tire in the middle of the rim and off the bead on the opposite end of the tire you are mounting. also, def get three tire irons.

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  • Michelin Commander II Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Michelin Commander II Rear Motorcycle Tire

    David in NC

    Commander II, Rear tire

    This tire provided excellent handeling and milage. I put 16,800 miles on this tire. Could get more except I have a long trip planned and wanted new rubber for it.

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Motorcycle Tires

No two motorcyclists are alike, so why should there be a one-style-fits-all motorcycle tire? At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we recognize that your needs are unique, so whether you enjoy carving corners as a weekend thrill, thrive on the intensity of racing or just need something as reliable as possible for a daily commute, you’ll find a superb tire in our inventory.

We want to make it as easy as possible to hone in on exactly the right tire. That’s why we’ve chosen simple categories for a pleasant browsing experience. For example, we have tires for sport bikes, cruisers, touring motorcycles and sport touring motorcycles. If you have an affinity for a specific brand, we’ve got them sorted that way as well. Here are some of the brands we carry:

  • Avon
  • Bridgestone
  • Continental
  • Dunlop
  • Kenda
  • Metzeler
  • Michelin
  • Pirelli
  • Shinko

As you browse our selection, you’ll quickly discover that our passion for riding runs deep. As a result, we’ve attempted to gather numerous Motorcycle Tires that meet everyone’s needs at a value that anyone can afford – all without sacrificing the unrelenting quality that our customers expect. It’s been no easy task, but we hope that you’ll be pleased with our hard work.

Looking at the tread patterns is the quickest way to determine exactly how far-reaching our variety is. With varying angles, curvatures and patterns, the tread patterns of our tires match nearly every style of riding there is. Don’t forget that you can always read the product descriptions to give you a little extra help when you’re trying to figure out which tire will be best suited for your bike.

Once you find a tire you like, it’s easy to pick the size you need from what is available. If you’d rather just narrow it down based on your specific motorcycle, you can do that as well by entering your bike’s make, model and year. We’ve even got a specialized motorcycle Tire Finder designed for that purpose.

If you need new tires for your motorcycle, you’re in the right place. Click through one of our categories now to get started on your journey to a better bike.

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