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  • Fly Racing Blaster Bite Valve

    Fly Racing Blaster Bite Valve

    Todd in PA

    Very comfortable while moving and doesn't leak!! Seems durable.

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  • Klim Nac Pak

    Klim Nac Pak

    Victoria in WA

    Comfy for a big pack

    Very spacious pack that is larger than their previous model. It can hold quite a lot and still be comfortable to wear because of the new strap system. One downside is that it does not come with a water bladder included.

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  • Polaris Ride Command 7" Display

    Polaris Ride Command 7" Display

    Jorge in OR

    Ride Command 2018 RZR 1000 Rocks & Trails Edition

    I bought this and installed it in my 2018 RZR 1000 Rocks and Trails Edition. A couple of things that I will mention. It comes with a front and rear camera. It is GPS based and not cellular. Ok now that I have that aside. It is fairly easy to install BUT time consuming. If you follow the directions, you will have NO problems. RM-ATV also has a video on the install which makes it even easier. I've used it several times since the install and it's AWESOME. I ride lots of trails. The best feature is the "record trail". It records the trail you're on and keeps track of where you've been. So it's easier to find your way back. You can also import trails and follow them. IT ONLY supports the GoPro 4 & 5. It DOES NOT support the Go Pro 6&7, not yet anyway. You will obviously need the mounting kit, you may as well buy it here too, they have the best price. It has A LOT of other features that I don't really care about and would probably seldom use. Again, it's a time consuming install, but easy. If you know your way around your RZR, you should have no trouble installing this awesome accessory. Enjoy your ride.

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  • Ogio Erzberg 1L Hydration Pack

    Ogio Erzberg 1L Hydration Pack

    Ryan in NV

    Nice pack for day trips.

    Does not slide down my shoulders like other packs. If you need to carry tools etc... I suggest a bigger pack but for local day rides it’s perfect.

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  • Ogio Hydration Pack Replacement Reservoir

    Ogio Hydration Pack Replacement Reservoir

    Ryan in CA

    Loved it!

    After using my original bladder for years, this was such a welcome change. Rigid spine kept everything in place, quick disconnect made filling easier, and the close/open valve was way easier than my original. Loved it so much, I bought 2!

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  • AC Performance Breathing Band Complete Kit

    AC Performance Breathing Band Complete Kit

    Jack in PA

    works great

    Imagine you're sick and you just got your stuffy nose cleaned up enough to breathe again, well that's what this is like except you're not sick. the difference is night and day opens your nose up a lot but is not painful. used in a 3 hour race and stuck to skin entire time. though at the end removing the plastic bar also removed the steel nose stickers. so id recommend putting it on and leaving it on. couldn't feel it after 20 mins except for the improved breathing. even took a few tree limbs right under the goggles and thought for sure it would come off but never did. seems a little pricey for what it is but what it does for your ride its worth its weight in gold

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