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  • No Toil Pre-Oiled Air Filter

    No Toil Pre-Oiled Air Filter

    JAY in UT

    fit and quality are lacking

    I have been a long time Twin Air user and decided to try something different, No Toil pre oiled filter was a bad choice. Fit was terrible, it took several attempts to get the sealing foam to mate cleanly and neatly to the airbox to ensure a good seal. The difficulties were due to poor design and quality in my opinion, the flat surface that mates to the airbox wanted to roll over the inside of the filter cage making it difficult to get a good sealing surface. The pre oiling was poor as well, I could see green colored stripes where it looked like the oil was sprayed on meaning that I could also see more white colored stripes where the oil was not. After adding more oil and spending more time than should be necessary to install it properly it did do the job. I'll stick with Twin Air

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  • Thunder Products Quad-Flow Torque Wing

    Thunder Products Quad-Flow Torque Wing

    Wes in ID

    Works Well

    I installed the torque wing in my KTM 300 XC-W with the hopes of gaining low end crisp throttle. It did do that and then some. Right off the bat I noticed the engine starts easier when cold. I was also able to lean my pilot circuit an 1/8 of a turn. All in all it was worth the money.

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  • R & D Racing Flex Jet (Remote Fuel Screw)

    R & D Racing Flex Jet (Remote Fuel Screw)

    Eddy in WA

    Remote fuel screw

    Awesome product, a must for the crf 450x. With the starter under the carb you cant reach the fuel screw to adjust it this solves that problem and allows easy adjustments on the trail.

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  • Twin Air - Air Filter

    Twin Air - Air Filter

    Eddy in WA

    Twin Air filter

    Twin air makes awesome filters, very good fit on cage and shaped to fit in airbox.

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  • No Toil Foam Air Filter Oil

    No Toil Foam Air Filter Oil

    Cam in UT

    Sweet Air Filter Oil

    The No Toil Air Filter Oil is by far the Best way to oil up your air filter!!! We have used and tested the No Toil for years and absolutely love it and highly recommend it to anyone riding !!!!!

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  • Tusk Fuel Mixture Screw

    Tusk Fuel Mixture Screw

    Wes in ID

    Must Have

    This product is a must have on any FCR carbed bike.

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