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  • Twin Air Filter Care Kit

    Twin Air Filter Care Kit

    Nathaniel in OH

    Ease of use

    I got this simply to make cleaning easier. The cleaner is the best I’ve used. The filter oil lasts a long time and cleans off easily. I recommend using this kit if you’re tired of using aerosol cans.

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  • Bel-Ray 6 In 1 Multipurpose Lube

    Bel-Ray 6 In 1 Multipurpose Lube

    Brian in OH


    Best do it all lube. It does not break rusted nuts and bolts like WD40, that's not it's intended purpose. It lubes levers, friction points, cable lube, etc. It will not swell seals like WD40. I have been using it for years. Wish it still came in the larger cans. Great stuff !!!

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  • Cycle Logic Engine Ice

    Cycle Logic Engine Ice

    Ludwig in UT

    It works

    Works well, especially with a 2.0 radiator cap. No more spews.

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  • Twin Air Liquid Power Oiling Tub

    Twin Air Liquid Power Oiling Tub

    JOSHUA in NY

    Easy to Oil but Oil Will Evaporate

    Much easier than using a plastic bag to oil filters with but you can't store your oil in here long term. The solvent will evaporate and leave thick sludge in the bottom. I would suggest pouring it back into the original container when you are done.

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  • Maxima Chain Wax

    Maxima Chain Wax

    Timothy in MI

    Nice clean solution to lubing your chain

    Unlike most chain lubes, this won't make a mess of your bike. Goes on wet and penetrates the chain, then dries to dry waxy finish. Works well with oring and xring chains. I use to lube other things like my foot peg pivots.

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  • Yamalube Synthetic Chain Lube

    Yamalube Synthetic Chain Lube

    Stephen in IL

    Awesome lube, doesn't gunk up the chain with dirt, doesn't fling off onto your wheel and swingarm. Pretty thin going on so apply lightly, wipe off access, and let dry.

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