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  • Pro Honda Spray Cleaner & Polish

    Pro Honda Spray Cleaner & Polish

    Nate in MI

    Great all in one cleaner

    It's an easy to use all in one cleaner. Brings a nice even satin shine with the quick wipe, and a more glossy shine if you let it sit longer. Really brings back the color on plastics.

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  • Maxima SC1 Clear Coat

    Maxima SC1 Clear Coat

    Glenn in MD


    The plastic on the Polaris is naturally dull but this definitely give it the new look.The only thing I wished is that it would have taken the smudges out of the plastic that is caused by limbs etc. But it wasn't advertised to do so,it sure looked good after applying though.I definitely recommend this product and will continue buying and using.

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  • Permatex Throttle Body, Carb and Choke Cleaner

    Permatex Throttle Body, Carb and Choke Cleaner

    Todd in NY

    Good cleaner

    Would recommend, really does a good job of cleaning grease, gunk, anything really. Awesome product

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  • Maxima Bio-Wash

    Maxima Bio-Wash

    Tyler in NY

    Smells good and cleans even better. Have used almost every type of cleaner and this seems to work the best

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  • Motorex Helmet Care

    Motorex Helmet Care

    Michael in WI


    The product does not dispense well from the can. From a cleaning perspective, I think some warm water does just as good a job. The jury is still out on the deodorizing properties of this cleaner. Will probably not buy again due to poor dispensing.

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  • Polaris XP Wash

    Polaris XP Wash

    Todd in NY

    Clean as can be

    Suds up super well, cleans very well and doesn’t leave water marks, great soap, good price

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