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  • Maxima SC1 Clear Coat

    Maxima SC1 Clear Coat

    Preston in NY


    This stuff is great. Makes dark plastics look new again. Made my faded/oxidized OEM fork boots look new again. AND it smells amazing... Just don't bring your 3 wheeler in the house and start spraying this stuff on it, because this will turn your tile floor into a slip and slide for about 2 months... And every time your kids slip and fall, your wife will give you "the look" and remind you that "This is why we don't bring three wheelers into the house.."

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  • Air Force Blaster Sidekick Motorcycle Dryer

    Air Force Blaster Sidekick Motorcycle Dryer

    Larry in TN

    the air force blower helps reduce water spots.

    trying to keep the air force blower from my friends has become a full time job. they want to know hope i keep my bike from looking so spotless. my family uses it on every thing we wash, cars,trucks, suvs utvs, atvs. would recommend to anyone to buy it. would be a great gift for anyone.

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  • Motul Moto Wash

    Motul Moto Wash

    Robert in TN

    Don't wash your bike with anything else.

    This is Fantastic. The bike continues to look new after a lot of tough off road enduro use. Other products like Simple Green will remove the finish of the plastic and paint. This cleans better and will not hurt the bike. I never use anything else except maybe Motorex which is also great.

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  • Bel-Ray Silicone Detailer and Protectant Spray

    Bel-Ray Silicone Detailer and Protectant Spray

    Seth in FL

    Works OK, Prefer SC1

    Smells funky, and works OK on plastics/vinyl graphics. I prefer Maxima SC1 over this.

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  • Liquid Performance TopKote Finishing Spray

    Liquid Performance TopKote Finishing Spray

    CHRIS in VA

    Buy it you will love it!

    I have been using this product for years. After you wash your bike or atv you spray this on and let it sit. It makes your bike shine better than new. And it smells great!

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  • Yamalube Yamacoat Plastic Coating

    Yamalube Yamacoat Plastic Coating

    CHRIS in VA


    I always use Topp Kote but I wanted to try this and see how it compared. It's good but not as good.

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Cleaning Fluid, Cleaners, Polishes…

Are dirt bike cleaners really that important? Of course they are.

Your dirt bike is an impressive machine. It can traverse a variety of terrains, scaling hills and navigating rocky paths. It performs extraordinarily as it races along the track. It is a mechanical masterpiece of engineering, the culmination of nearly a century’s development and progress. So shouldn’t it look impressive as well?

At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we understand the value of riding a good-looking dirt bike that gets noticed. That requires work to keep it looking as pristine as ever. Fortunately, there are a few cleaners which can make the job easy – even seemingly effortless in some situations.

To keep things simple , we’ve split our cleaning products into four major categories:

  • Cleaning fluids and sprays
  • Contact cleaners
  • Polishes
  • Washing tools

In these pages, you’ll find everything you need. For example, we have solutions for heavy duty degreasers for those tough jobs. We’ve got carb cleaner for that carburetor project you’ve been putting off for a while. If you want to switch out your decals, adhesive remover will do the trick. We even have hand cleaner for those times when soap and water isn’t a convenient option.

Our tools make any job easier. Whether you want a set of wire brushes to get that grime off or a power dryer to finish up a big cleaning project, you’ll find what you need here. In some cases, you’ll find that you have several options to choose from for a specific type of tool. For example, we have nearly half a dozen mud scrapers. We also have a number of cloths, towels and sponges.

And of course, when it’s all clean, nothing helps your bike stand out more than a good polish. We carry both metal and plastic polish from several major brands.

At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we take dirt bikes seriously. The number of cleaners, sprays and polishes we’ve collected is a testament to this fact. Browse our selection now to see for yourself.

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