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Latest Motorcycle Oil and Chemicals Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Maxima Contact Cleaner

    Maxima Contact Cleaner

    Austin in GA

    Does a Great Job

    Can't go wrong with this. Always gives me peace of mind when cleaning carbs, installing engine parts, etc. Doesn't degrade plastics.

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  • No Toil Evolution Air Filter Maintenance Kit With Grease

    No Toil Evolution Air Filter Maintenance Kit With Grease

    Ryan in NC

    I think I'm going back to gear oil

    This came defective, the grease tube was split open on the seam and grease was all over everything else in the box. I didn't feel it was worth my time to try and send it back or anything. I used the filter oil on a brand new uni air filter for my sons ktm50. The air filter in the ktm50(in my model year) is flat, so it was easy to get the oil on the filter. I soaked it in a sealable tub that I poured the oil into. It didn't seem all that tacky to me and I wonder if it would work well. I have always kind of hated that I can't clean modern air filter oil with gas or some other solvent. I have to buy the special cleaner and I can never seem to get it completely clean, no matter how much cleaner I use. I grew up using gear oil. it's fairly sticky and seems to stay that way for long enough. it's also very fast to clean and dry. I'm not sure this is worth the extra hassle.

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  • Bel-Ray EXP Synthetic 4-Stroke Motor Oil

    Bel-Ray EXP Synthetic 4-Stroke Motor Oil

    JEREMY in OR

    bel ray exp oil

    i ise this oil in my 2006 raptor 700, and also in my kawasaki z900. its proven oil. works perfect for my every day riding street or dunes.

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  • Maxima Foam Air Filter Oil

    Maxima Foam Air Filter Oil

    shane in MI

    Pro materials

    A little pricey but probably worth it. Very tacky material that strings up well.

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  • Maxima SC1 Clear Coat

    Maxima SC1 Clear Coat

    Peter in IA

    Love the s

    Call me crazy, but I love a clean dirt bike! This stuff brings out the bright Yamaha blue--A must have for any detailer like me!

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  • Motorex Brake Fluid DOT 5.1

    Motorex Brake Fluid DOT 5.1

    Joel in TN

    Manufacturer recommended.

    Always works fine for me. Recommended by manufacturer so I’ve never used anything else and never had issues.

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Motorcycle Oil and Chemicals

Using the wrong type of motorcycle oil or chemicals could do more damage than good, so make sure you buy oil and chemicals specifically made for your bike at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.com. We have several oils, chemicals and cleaners to choose from as well as brake fluid, engine oil, fuel additives, coolants, suspension oil, transmission oil and drive oil – all at the best prices you’ve come to expect from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. When it comes to cleaners, we have every kind of motorcycle cleaner you can think of to make your motorcycle shine, from the front fender to the back bumper, including glass cleaner, brake cleaner, leather cleaner and conditioner and chrome polish. Find the biggest selection and best prices on motorcycle oil, chemicals and cleaners – only at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.com.

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC provides motorcycle oils and chemicals from the leading brands like Galfer, Bel-Ray, Maxima, Renthal, Permatex, Motorex and many more.

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