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  • Tusk Fuel Line

    Tusk Fuel Line

    josh in IN

    not flexible

    it worked for over a yr but i changed it because it wasnt very flexible at first and got hard and brittle within a yr. motion pro is way better.

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  • Tusk Cable Luber

    Tusk Cable Luber

    Kendall in MI

    A must have

    If you don't have a cable luber, put this in your cart RIGHT NOW!! You know how that clutch of yours is getting hard to pull? It's not the bike's fault, you need to lube that thing. Throttle cables, clutch cables, decomp cables, this little tool is perfect. Do your bike a favor and pick this up right now!!

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  • Red Line Water Wetter

    Red Line Water Wetter

    Michael in CA

    Red Line Water Wetter super coolant

    This stuff really works. Keeps my Yamaha YZ 4 strokes from puking radiator fluid on the concrete starting gate

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  • Motion Pro Premium Fuel Line

    Motion Pro Premium Fuel Line

    josh in IN


    not cheap. but very flexible and stays that way. SOOO much better than cheap line. Get it.

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  • Klotz Chain Lube

    Klotz Chain Lube

    josh in IN


    gooey, foamy, like the lucas lube. comes out slow, foams over entire chain. Great. Lasts longer than stupid sprays that come out too fast and go everywhere. Use this.

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  • Maxima Chain Guard

    Maxima Chain Guard

    Jay in WA

    Good stuff

    Use Maxima exclusively

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