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  • Cortech Scarab 2.0 Winter Gloves

    Cortech Scarab 2.0 Winter Gloves

    Jordan in MO

    they're okay with anything from 25 degrees and up.

    Most armored winter gloves I could find, they work. But they’re definitely not extreme cold weather gloves. I used to use them while riding in 14 degree weather and my fingers were super cold and started hurting. I figure they’re good to go in temps over 25 degrees, but anything under that, you should just lose the armor and go for an actual extreme cold weather glove and sacrifice the protection of crashes for the protection from frostbite.

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  • Cortech VRX Air 2.0 Jacket

    Cortech VRX Air 2.0 Jacket

    KC in UT

    Love the Jacket wife as well

    Love the fit ... My son in law and daughter rode with them and they are going to order two for them. Going to Yellowstone on July 25th to give them a good once over.

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  • Cortech Duster Gloves

    Cortech Duster Gloves


    Sizing small

    Just got my gloves so cannot comment too much on them. I wanted to give a heads up to potential buyers though on the very small sizing. All my gloves are large including other Cortech gloves. These in large I could barely get on my hands. Of course I exchanged no hassle with RMATVMC. The XL are still on the tight side, but acceptable.

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  • Cortech Super 2.0 Saddlebags

    Cortech Super 2.0 Saddlebags

    Ryan in UT

    Good for $$$ .Bought a few for several different bike.They last and are not big and bulky

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  • Cortech VRX 2.0 Jacket

    Cortech VRX 2.0 Jacket

    Logan in TX

    Great jacket for the money

    LOVE the jacket. Real warm when riding but not so much your sweating when riding in 55* temps... has good vent zippers. Arms are a tad tight but not too bad. I don’t have very big arms to begin with... has pads in elbows shoulders and down the back that fit good. I bought 1 size bigger than regular sweat shirt size or regular jacket size. Usually wear a medium I bought s large and fits perfect I’m 190 and 5’9”

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  • Cortech Super 2.0 Tank Bag with Strap Mount

    Cortech Super 2.0 Tank Bag with Strap Mount

    Rick in NM

    Exactly what I needed for my Triumph Trophy SE.l

    The factory tank bag for my Triumph Trophy SE if apparently no longer available new and I found a video online showing how to mount this model bag on the bike. Worked great and is the perfect size for my needs/wants. Good quality construction and at an appropriate price point.

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