Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle Helmets

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  • HJC RPHA-X Factor Helmet

    HJC RPHA-X Factor Helmet

    John in NM

    Outstanding helmet, appropriately priced

    I have been riding motorcycles for about 25 years and have had several different brands and types of helmets. When I rode street bikes, and to this day, the most comfortable helmet I'd ever had was the Arai Quantum/e - this helmet definitely rivals that helmet in fit and quality. It's feels slightly tight going on (which lessens as it breaks in), but once it's on, it just fits your head and face very well. I wear a large in every helmet I've worn as an adult, and a large size for this helmet fits perfectly. Two great things about this model: it's EXTREMELY light, and the pads are really easy to remove and wash. Plus, it is a great looking helmet. Plenty of room for goggles, and the way it's molded around the sides and back helps keep the goggle strap in place. The vents are OK - not excellent - I've worn helmets where you can really feel the vents working, the ones on this helmet end up at about a 7/10 for me. But riding dirtbikes is hard work if you're doing it right, and you're going to sweat in your helmet. Everything else about this helmet is a 10/10 for me - I love it, would highly recommend it, and will look to HJC again when the need for a new helmet arises.

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  • HJC IS-33 Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

    HJC IS-33 Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

    John in ID


    Keeps my wife off my back if I wear it.

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  • HJC IS-Max BT Full-Face Modular Motorcycle Helmet

    HJC IS-Max BT Full-Face Modular Motorcycle Helmet

    Mike in Ohio

    look for something else

    This helmet looks and feels cheap. The one I got has messed up logos and the seals look and feel worthless.

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  • HJC FG-X Talon Helmet

    HJC FG-X Talon Helmet

    Allen in CA

    This helmet is cheap not inexpensive.

    I am more disappointed than pleased with this helmet. HJC is usually a great helmet for a great price. This helmet has some short coming that I didn't expect for the price. First is the inner liner, it is not a full coverage liner. What I mean is, when you look into the helmet you can see the EPC foam. Depending on your head shape, you might have the hard EPC foam rubbing on your head. The check pads and upper liner are removable but the covers on the chin straps are NOT. So to wash the part that gets the dirtiest you have to dunk the whole helmet. Next is sizing. When I pulled the helmet on I noticed it runs large for it size. I like a TIGHT helmet and wear XS. This XS is not tight but comfortable when new and will break in to be loose that's a shame. When this helmet is on I also noticed an excessive amount of squeaking from the EPC liner. It sounds like I'm wearing one of those old Styrofoam ice chests on my head, not a quality helmet.

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Motorcycle helmets are among the most important pieces of gear that you can own. In the event of an accident, a helmet can literally be the difference between life and death. Many states even make it illegal not to wear a helmet when you ride.

Fortunately, wearing a helmet isn’t just about being safe or obeying the law; it’s also about expressing yourself as a rider. That’s why we’ve assembled a collection of helmets that appeal to your sense of style as much as they are built for safety.

You can take a look at the categories, brands and products on this page. If you see any motorcycle helmets that you like, you can click through and check out our offerings. If you’d rather browse by the type of bike you ride, you might find these links helpful:

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We stock hundreds of helmets in many colors and styles. But perhaps most importantly, we carry the brands you want. Here are just a few of them:

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Transform safety into style with one of these great motorcycle helmets. Browse our selection today!