Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle Jackets

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  • Firstgear Adventure Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

    Firstgear Adventure Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

    Brian in ID

    Great VAlue

    It gets hot here in the summer and this jacket is exactly what I wanted. The jacket keeps you cool while giving you protection. I ordered Hi-Viz and it has held up great. The removable liner is perfect for when it gets a little cooler. Definitely a hot weather jacket though. When it gets cold I switch to my Firstgear Jaunt jacket.

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  • Firstgear Waterproof Heated Motorcycle Jacket

    Firstgear Waterproof Heated Motorcycle Jacket

    Keith in AL

    Never tested waterproofing but...

    I bought a Medium, same size as the jackets I usually where, and it fit like a spandex shirt. Way too tight on me, but fits my wife perfectly. Also, never managed to test why this happens, but Gerbing gloves plugged into this jacket, only run for 5 minutes or so, then shut off. Guess I have to buy a Gerbing Liner...

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  • River Road Race II Leather Motorcycle Jacket

    River Road Race II Leather Motorcycle Jacket

    WAI in AB

    Great value, slim fitting, leather a bit stiff

    Make sure you order a size larger than usual. Even then, it's a snug fit even for us muscular guys :0)

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  • Alpinestars T-Jaws Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket

    Alpinestars T-Jaws Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket

    Christopher E in NJ

    Expected quality from Alpinestars

    First off, as there are no other reviews, I feel like I should definitely say something about the sizing. The sizing chart is, predictably, not totally accurate. Consider the fact that the waterproof + thermal lining is very thick, and you are going to be too snug if you get your exact size. For me, I measured my chest and bought a Medium. It was way too tight, couldn't put my arms down. Went up to a Large and it fit snugly, but correctly. Keep in mind that this is supposed to be more fitted, as it's a European company and this is more of a track jacket. Anyway, on to the product. Make and quality is fantastic for the price. Tons of protection, and you can put in a back protector if you want (sold separately). It also looks _great_. I cannot be happier with how this thing looks! Regarding the thermal lining, I haven't been able to test this out yet but I anticipate wearing it in 40-50 degree weather, although I'm confident it'd be fine in colder. With the thermal lining in, I can fit it over tight fitting clothes, for instance underarmor and a thermal long sleeve. If I wanted to wear a hoodie, it would be a little too snug with the thermal lining in. I don't want to go a size higher though because I'm worried the pads and everything wouldn't line up with my shoulders correctly. Either way, RM was great with the exchange. I recommend this jacket.

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  • River Road Laughlin Motorcycle Jacket

    River Road Laughlin Motorcycle Jacket

    Clyde in CO

    Great Jacket

    I have not yet used the liner in this jacket but it has been great so far. I have worn it in 60 deg. weather without getting hot and down to 49 degrees without getting cold. When it hits 45 I think I may put the liner in. Since anyone who rides outside the city knows that more than temperature is important, I drive 30 miles each way to work from Sterling CO. to Peetz CO. so when I say 49 degrees, I mean at 75mph. I have a small windshield on my cruiser so that does help some. Overall I believe the jacket is good for colder temps than what I will ride in. This jacket also does not look like a motorcycle jacket so much which makes me less conspicuous when wearing it in stores and such.

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  • MMCC Crazy Horse Leather Motorcycle Jacket

    MMCC Crazy Horse Leather Motorcycle Jacket

    JOHNNY in OK

    Quality Material and Fit - Bad choice for Cruisers

    I am happy with the product but like my textile river road jacket better for comfort. The reason I say this is that the way the collar is made on this jacket from Milwaukee makes it push up into your chin when you sit down on a cruiser. I don't think this would be troublesome if you were hunched over on a crotch rocket but it bothers me a lot. The looks are great even though the picture is more distressed than the jacket that I and reviewers on other sites have received. I've ridden in it in cold and hot weather and like the peace of mind in knowing it would prevent skin rash way better than my textile jacket in the event anything goes wrong.

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Protect yourself from road rash, trail rash, or the elements by choosing from our large selection of motorcycle jackets.

Motorcycle jackets come in all shapes and sizes and materials. Cruiser motorcycle jackets usually consist of leather, to help keep the elements, like rain and wind, off the rider. Dual sport motorcycle jackets are usually made of textile materials including nylon and are built up of multiple shells and layers to provide the rider with the flexability to change the motorcycle jacket according to weather conditions. ATV and dirt bike motorcycle jackets usually have extra storage pouches, zippered ventilation zones and are made of textile materials which are frequently water resistant or waterproof.

Choose from top brands like: Firstgear, Icon, Power-Trip, Scorpion, Speed and Strength, Alpinestars, Joe Rocket and more. You're sure to find the brand that fits your riding style.