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  • PIAA H3 Xtreme White Replacement Bulb

    PIAA H3 Xtreme White Replacement Bulb

    BRIAN in PA

    PIAA 004XT Xtreme White Replacement Bulb

    A bit pricy but worth it if you do any night riding. It was much brighter than the 55watt bulb I used previously.

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  • PIAA 004XT Xtreme White Lamp Kit

    PIAA 004XT Xtreme White Lamp Kit

    ryan in CA

    Awesome Lights

    Kinda expensive but well worth it, they are amazingly bright and have a great range far better than the stockers, they do run pretty hot but its not a problem for me, I have 4 of them mounted on the front of my 400ex 2 on the bars and 2 on the bumper cant beat 'em.

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  • Modquad Light Control Knob - 3 Way Cut

    Modquad Light Control Knob - 3 Way Cut

    VERNON in CO

    head light knob

    dose not fit like stock sticks out to far

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  • Tusk MX D-Flex ATV Handguards with Turn Signals

    Tusk MX D-Flex ATV Handguards with Turn Signals

    Jack in SD

    Good Concept and Seemingly Good Quality

    No directions whatsoever and you sort of just have to guess where all the bolts go but if your semi-experienced you can figure it out. They look very good when bolted on though and the flex part is nice to. Price is a little much when you know they are making it for way cheap. If the price was lower or they included directions it would have been better but for now I'm not complaining.

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  • Biker's Choice Custom Brake Light Switch

    Biker's Choice Custom Brake Light Switch

    John in IN

    Decent, and sometimes the only option

    This is universal so they try and cover a lot of bases. Unfortunately, in my case this did not work so well. I've got an 86' XR250R. There was no good place to mount this at all. I ended up zip tying it to my frame because the mounting hardware didn't do squat. It's in a terrible place right under the exhaust so I am going to have to wrap the exhaust to reduce heat so I don't melt it. It does work though, just barely and I will have to constantly worry about it. Might work better on other applications though, didn't have a choice either.

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  • Quad Boss HID Light Kit

    Quad Boss HID Light Kit

    Nick in CA


    the bulbs, ballasts, and wire harness themselves seem very good quality. However, the mounting brackets and hardware they give you to mount the ballasts are a joke. A couple of zip ties would hold the ballast more securely than what they give you. I got some stuff from Home Depot and made my own mounting brackets. Also, as usual, the instructions were virtually worthless-you're pretty much on your own as far as how to install. Where you plug the harness into the ballast the connection is reversible(you can connect it two different ways) and the instructions say nothing about it. I had to get out my e-tester and trace my headlight wiring to make sure I got positive and negative hooked up right. For the money I paid, I expected a whole lot more.

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