Dirt Bike Tires

Dirt Bike Tires

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  • Bridgestone Standard Motorcycle Tube With TR-4 Valve Stem

    Bridgestone Standard Motorcycle Tube With TR-4 Valve Stem

    Jacob in TX

    Tire tube

    I put this tube on my little brothers yamaha 125 TTR. It's been holding up for at least 3 months now. He does a lot of trail and brush riding on the ranch

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  • Bridgestone TW301 Front Motorcycle Tire

    Bridgestone TW301 Front Motorcycle Tire

    Brian in Utah

    Stay out of the sand!

    I bought a set of these thinking they'd work for slickrock in Moab. People have been using trials tires on back with good review. Thought I'd try this out. I usually ride faster than anyone and seldom if ever crash. I crashed 3 times descending Pritchet Canyon, 4 times on Kane Creek Wash, and struggled on other sandy roads due to NO TRACTION. Even pushing the bike along side I was pathetically helpless to climb. These tires were smooth on Highway 191 and the tread was tough and resilient against wear in tough conditions. I'm taking these OFF!!!!! I hate being the slow weak link in the group! For my style the Maxxis IT Desert is the way to go. These tires are a waste of money for off-road. It made the trip like some low-fat sugar-free soy-based treat of a weekend. YUCK!!!

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  • Motoz Mountain Hybrid

    Motoz Mountain Hybrid

    Dylan in Utah

    split personality

    If you are desert riding or in dry conditions this tire rips. Plenty of grip, hooks up really well, loved it from the moment I put it on. And then I rode in some wet conditions. Tire will not hook up, will not clean out, I was with two other guys and they could easily climb up stuff that I would just spin out and go literally nowhere. I'm thinking I will pick up another Maxxis Desert IT and only run the Motoz for desert conditions/middle of summer riding. So if you are in dry conditions go for it, you will love it. If you are in wet conditions then stay away, this isn't the tire for you. If you ride some of each then get another tire for wet days because all the advantages of this tire in the dry conditions aren't worth one crappy ride when things get wet!

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  • Biker's Choice Rim Strip

    Biker's Choice Rim Strip


    looks great

    looks great, easy to apply !

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  • Skat~Trak Intimidator Paddle Tire

    Skat~Trak Intimidator Paddle Tire

    Doug in CA

    Pretty good sand tire

    I thought the center rib would assist in rear wheel steering in the sand. It doesnt. The tire has held up and works great.

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  • Pirelli Scorpion XC Soft To Mid Terrain

    Pirelli Scorpion XC Soft To Mid Terrain

    ETHAN in NC

    Excellent Tire

    I absolutely love the front tire, and I like the back tire. The front is my go to tire, and it handles everything i put it through. Rocks, roots, mud, sand, hardpack, softpack, you name it. The front's only downfall is the sidewalls are a little flimsy. It does help with traction in the roots, but at the expense of increased risk for pinch flats. Overall, best tire I have found.

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