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  • Drayko Renegade Motorcycle Jeans

    Drayko Renegade Motorcycle Jeans

    Steven in CO

    Sized a bit large, but excellent fit.

    Talking about fit is 100% individual and may not be helpful to others. That said, these riding jeans (30 x 34") fit me better than any others I have tried and own. They would receive a 5 star rating if they could accommodate either hip or knee armor. I suppose I could purchase some armored underwear, but I would prefer removal pads for the jeans. It's a shame these jeans will no longer be available after the remaining stock is gone. They really are well built.

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  • Drayko Drift Motorcycle Jeans

    Drayko Drift Motorcycle Jeans

    Ermin in FL


    I've had these for about 8 months. They look great. the kevlar looks like it should work... as well as kevlar possibly can. However, the "jean" part of the jeans is pretty thin, and the belt loops are not heavy duty, neither is the button. Came undone.

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