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  • Falco Avantour Adventure Motorcycle Boots

    Falco Avantour Adventure Motorcycle Boots

    Daniel in CO

    Quality Boot

    Replaced a pair of Sidi ADV Rain boots with the Falco Boots and have not been dissappointed. Very satisfied with waterproofing, after a few water crossings nothing was allowed into the boots. They do squeak when walking, just like the Sidi boots ive had, but thats the only complaint I have. The Vibram sole is great, hard to detect any wear on the sole at all yet, and they feel great standing on pegs and give good traction walking on questionable surfaces. The material under the lower ratchet clamps will probably wear faster than other areas but nothing is coming apart after a full season of use, they look to be good for many more summers.

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  • Falco Mixto 2 Adventure Motorcycle Boots

    Falco Mixto 2 Adventure Motorcycle Boots

    Peter in CA

    Bizarre fitting boot.

    The sole is not flat. It is convex. So when you are standing in the boot, the edges of the sole are not touching the ground, only the middle is, which is just weird and puts all your weight on the middle portion of the ball of your foot (see photo). (Seriously, who designs the sole of a boot like this?) Also, if you order the boot in black, it does not come with a Vibram sole. It has a much less aggressive lug pattern than what is pictured. That was an unpleasant bait and switch after I ordered them. This boot is hot. I was riding in 65 degree temps at freeway speeds and my feet were overheating. May be good for cold weather riding, but definitely not pleasant in moderate weather. The shin plate is positioned in such a way that the bottom of the plate digs into my shin once the boot is tightened. The toebox is nice and wide, but the heel cup is comically wide as well. I was hoping that by playing around with the buckles i would be able to tighten up the fit a bit, but have been unable to do so. Speaking of the buckles, every time I put the boot back on I need to readjust the length. The only thing keeping them in place seems to be their own free will (see photo). The leather seems nice, but I haven't been in the rain with them to test the waterproofness. Based on their lack of breathability compared to other motorcycle boots I've owned, I have to assume the waterproof insert is basically a sheet of impermeable rubber. On the bright side this should bode well for their waterproofness There don't seem to be many reviews of this boot out there, so I just wanted to let any potential buyers know what exactly they are buying.

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