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  • Forcefield EX-K Harness Flite Body Armor

    Anonymous in WA

    Ultimate Peace of Mind

    If you're paranoid of breaking all your bones in a motorcycle accident, this is the armor rig to get. The biggest, baddest vest I could find. CE impact test results are 6.2, 7.0, and 16.6 kN for chest, back, and arm protectors respectively (if that matters to you). The cool thing about this armor system is the highly customizable fit thanks to flexible armor and velcro holding everything together. Trust the sizing chart-- I wear size L t-shirts, but went with an M according to the chart and it fit me perfectly. In fact, I'm 5'9" and ~185lbs, and I'd bet you could be at least 220 before seeing fitment issues with a size M-- I've got plenty of room to spare. I do have a few minor gripes. Firstly, all the velcro makes it a bit of a pain to take off and put on vs buckles/cinches. Also, the armor is flexible, but not nearly to the same degree as D3O. This is only really noticeable on the arms, where mobility is a tad impacted by the stiff pads, but is easily fixed by only wearing/buying the chest/back portion. For the generally moderate dualsporting I do, this armor isn't just overkill-- It's like duck hunting with an AA gun. Ultimately though, every piece of motorcycle gear is overkill. Until, suddenly and unexpectedly, it isn't.

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  • Forcefield Tornado Advance Neck Warmer

    Nathan in MT

    Not too light not to heavy

    like my title says, this item is perfect weight and warmth. I like the loose feel around the neck to allow extra ventilation. Keep blowing snow and ice out of coat and off exposed skin.

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