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Joe Rocket

Since the early ‘90s, Joe Rocket has been pushing the boundaries of the motorcycle industry, creating slim, sleek, and sturdy riding gear that offers on the bike performance without compromising off the bike style.

All that value packed into one affordable package - it’s no wonder why their gear took off. Today, Joe Rocket is all about that same balance, just in a variety of options. Their pants, jackets, and rain gear all come in a variety of colors and styles, as well as fits for both men and women. One of the more inclusive manufacturers, Joe Rocket makes sure women are well represented through all the lines of gear they manufacturer.

Better still, these options of stylish and high performing gear all feature Joe Rocket proprietary tech like ROCK TEX for abrasion resistance, SURE FIT for their system of adjustable straps and fasteners, and FULL FLEX for a strategically tailored system of expansion panels and stretch materials. For the best style, fit, and value, you can’t go wrong with Joe Rocket.

Latest Joe Rocket Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Boots

    Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Boots

    Jason in TN

    Great value

    Nice boots. Triple stiches. Quality leather. Snap close buckle. The shift pad is grippy and doesn't stand out like the picture shows. Even the insole is a decent thickness. I haven't worn them in the rain or rode in water so I can't comment on their water repellancy. They are stiff and will take some time to fully break in. However, this isn't a bad attribute because they aren't made cheaply. They seem to run true to size. My size 10 fits good and can be worn with wool socks in the winter. The pictures do not do the boot justice. Although the sole is a welt construction I would have like to have seen a stitched vibram sole instead of a molded sole. The sole appears to be identical to the vibram in pattern and tread depth. The composite has good traction and is not plastic feeling. When the time comes to resole we will see if it holds up. My military boots are molded and have been resoled. So I don't see these being an issue. Overall I am pleased with these boots and will buy my son a pair. He has already made comments about how nice they are and how well they go with jeans. Compared to our other adventure boots.

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  • Joe Rocket U.S. Army Alpha X Jacket

    Joe Rocket U.S. Army Alpha X Jacket

    Andrew in MD

    Joe Rocket U.S Army Alpha X Jacket

    The best bang for the money and here's why: Nowhere could you find a Army for Life jacket for regular riding period. I wear it with such Pride, air flow is awesome, sleeves and waist band has adjustment for proper fit. It's not a racing jacket per say but it takes a beating and with the safety vest included it was a steal of a deal. Shipping was fast and I love the no hassle with Rocky Mountain...SALUTE!

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  • Joe Rocket Honda CBR Textile Jacket

    Joe Rocket Honda CBR Textile Jacket

    Greg in IN

    Really nice jacket

    I was surprised how nice this jacket is. The fir was true to size, and I would recommend it.

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  • Joe Rocket Sub-Zero Gloves

    Joe Rocket Sub-Zero Gloves

    Eric in AZ

    Nice and warm

    Gloves fit great and kept me really warm on a very cold day. They will stay in my bag for whenever I need them. I actually really like the arm pieces that go over your sleeves to keep the wind out. Much easier than trying to get your sleeves over the gloves like other designs.

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  • Joe Rocket Rocket Burner Heated Cold Weather Gloves

    Joe Rocket Rocket Burner Heated Cold Weather Gloves

    Denny in KY

    heated gloves

    These gloves are a good deal for the money they keep your hands warm. the battery life is a little on the short side especially on the high setting.

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  • Joe Rocket Women's Cleo 2.2 Mesh Jacket

    Joe Rocket Women's Cleo 2.2 Mesh Jacket

    Donna in NC

    Fabulously Versatile Jacket

    Amazing jacket. Living in a warm climate, riding with a jacket for protection can be miserable. We went on a 5 hr trip this weekend and went from hot, to rain, to 48°. Hot - took out the liner - perfect. Wet - put the liner in -stayed dry. Cool weather - added an extra layer and was comfortable. Without the liner, the jacket is largely mesh. I love it. It's the most versatile riding jacket that I've ever owned. And it looks great!

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