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  • Knobby Knife Rubber Knife

    Knobby Knife Rubber Knife

    scott in CA

    It cuts tire rubber

    I've only used this Knobby Knife on one tire so far. It gets very hot and it took me about 30 minutes to trim a heavily worn tire. And the traction did seem to improve after trimming. I did not have issues with it cooling like some reviews mentioned. The top screw that holds the blade seemed tweaked back a bit after use but I could still loosen and re-tighten it, so it is probably ok. It had the heat to cut the tire but it is a little scary thinking about having my hand slip and get burned. I tried it with gloves and bare handed and seemed to have better control bare handed. It would be nice if a small slip guard was added (kind of like a knife's hilt). I was a bit surprised that the cord is only four foot long so you'll need an extension cord to use it. Maybe I should have rated it five stars because it pretty much worked as advertised, but it is still a chore to trim the knobbies.

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