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Latest Lockstraps Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Lockstraps Carabiner Locking Buckle Tie Downs w/Soft Loops

    BEN in NM

    A good idea poorly executed.

    A good idea poorly executed. I've had several of these because I wanted the security they provide. The buckles fail due to the cheap metal used to make them. I've used them once a week on my trailer and they are sometimes expose to rain and mud. The numbers for the combination lock are small, difficult to read and easily jam. The last pair lasted less than 6 months before breaking.

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  • Lockstraps 2' Helmet/Jacket Lock

    Dalton in IN

    Worth it

    I have used this for almost a full year and i trust it to keep someone from just walking off with my helmet. A thief would need either bolt cutters or to know your passcode. I have a $300 Icon Alliance GT and trust this product to deter thieves and keep my helmet on my bike while grocery shopping.

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