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  • Mefo Explorer Dual Sport Rear Tire

    Mefo Explorer Dual Sport Rear Tire

    Dmitriy in MI

    Fantastic 50/50 tire - keep the psi up for longer l...

    I've put this on my KTM 690 Enduro R and proceeded to put about 5k miles on it, which included everything from rocky singletrack, to sand, to mud, to rain, to 100+ degrees on the highway. The tire handled everything perfectly! Offroad grip is very impressive and is not far off from a full knobby even when things get loose. I didn't have any issues getting dug in or stuck even in sandy or gravelly conditions. On-road these tires are an absolute dream - they roll smooth, are very quiet, and handle almost as well as a full road tire. They seem to wear well unless they get hot, in which case they start wearing very quickly. I saw almost no wear until I had to ride at 60+mph at 100 degree temperatures and seemed to have gone through half the tire in a couple days. Keeping these inflated to higher PSI (see mefo recommendations) will go a long way to increasing it's life.

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  • Mefo Explorer Dual Sport Front Tire

    Mefo Explorer Dual Sport Front Tire

    Kale in WV

    Overall a great tire

    Great all around tire. Watch out in grass it is like riding on snot. Otherwise it hooks up well. I've got right around 2,000 miles on a set of front and rear Mefos and they are holding up well. I would get another set.

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