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  • MSR MAV4 w/MIPS Helmet

    MSR MAV4 w/MIPS Helmet

    Cole in CT

    Great helmet

    Looks pretty cool. It protected me when I slipped and fell super hard on the back of my head when I was trying to stand my bike up on ice. Thought I had a concussion at first but this helmet must have done its job because ultimately I had no headaches or symptoms. Once only gripe is the chin strap. I much prefer my buddies chip strap on his helmet which has a buckle system and is way easier to engage / disengage than this traditional style. If you're used to the traditional style, then go for it it. But otherwise perhaps try and find a helmet with an easier chin strap because just think how many times a day of riding that you take your helmet on and off.

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  • MSR Axxis Jersey 19.5

    MSR Axxis Jersey 19.5

    Ron in AZ

    Fits well and very comfortable. I would definitely buy again.

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  • MSR Axxis Pant 19.5

    MSR Axxis Pant 19.5

    Ron in AZ

    I have only used these once. They fit well and are comfortable.

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  • MSR Axxis Pant 18.5

    MSR Axxis Pant 18.5

    Randy in WA

    Great pants and a great price

    Great pants plenty a room for kneepads

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  • MSR NXT Jersey

    MSR NXT Jersey

    Kevin in FL

    Great for the price

    Jersey is a little thin but very breathable. Runs more form fitting which what I was looking for. Overall great.

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  • MSR NXT Pant

    MSR NXT Pant

    Kevin in FL

    Great pants for the price

    Pants fit great. I got one size up I wear a size 30 regular in pants for these a size 32 and with the adjustable table on the sides you can get it to be perfect. Pants are a little baggy in knees but not too bad. I love that they have quilted stitch by the knees feels durable.

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